Flanagin’s Bulk Mail gets clients results

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail gets clients results

Operating and owning a successful business requires both internal and external structures that support your mission and communicate with your clients. Throughout Northwest Indiana (NWI), Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service works seamlessly with its clients to streamline communication. 

Owner Donna Flanagin ensures that Flanagin’s Bulk Mail takes the burden of client communication off your plate while providing the best rates possible. 

In fact, bulk mail is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers. However, the logistics of bulk mailing can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. 

“We use bulk mail for three reasons: to announce our theatre’s season in a brochure, to remind patrons via postcards when a show is about to open, and to contact donors during annual fund-raising,” Sheri Nash-Braun, business manager for Chicago Street Theatre said. “When we first started to do bulk mailing, we tried to prepare it for the post office ourselves, and we always failed miserably. Flanagin’s professional services are worth every penny!”

Operating as experts in the field, Flanagin’s Bulk Mail provides a service that saves its customers money. 

“Donna and her team have helped us get promotional postcards and other printed materials into mailboxes all across the country easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively,” Amanda Eckelbarger, director of destination branding and data intelligence for Elkhart County Visitors Bureau (CVB) said. 

“Shirley Heinze Land Trust has been using Flanagin’s for over twenty years,” Kristopher "Kris" Krouse, executive director of the Shirley Heinze Land Trust said. “Flanagin’s has made it possible for us to share the land conservation work we are doing with thousands of people throughout Northwest Indiana and beyond.”  

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail works closely with its clients to get information into NWI residents’ hands. 

“The Elkhart County CVB serves as the official tourism advertising and public relations champion for Elkhart County, Indiana, and Flanagin's Bulk Mail helps us get our destination area guide quickly and efficiently into the hands of both visitors and residents,” Eckelbarger said. 

Regardless of the digital time we live in, many of Flanagin’s customers see the real value in printed bulk mailers. 

“While tourism has made great strides toward the digital landscape, sometimes a printed piece can cut through the clutter,” Dustin Ritchea, production director at Indiana Dunes Tourism, said. “From a marketing perspective, mailing a piece prevents it from hitting the spam folder, and it creates a personal connection to a prospective visitor, new partner, or longtime stakeholder.”

In addition to providing an invaluable service, Flanagin’s does all it can to create a culture of positivity and support. 

“Hands-down, the aspect I appreciate the most is the entire staff,” Eckelberger said. “They go above and beyond to make sure our materials are delivered quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.  The team never shies away from questions, deadlines, tight turnarounds, and more.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Donna and her team–who always have their client’s best interests in mind,” Krouse said. “We are grateful for their dedication to doing an extraordinary job year after year and being a business that gives back to the community.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service should contact their office at 802 Evans Ave, Suite 1 Valparaiso, IN, or call 219-464-9871.