Flanagins Bulk Mail Service 2016 Year in Review

Flanagins-Bulk-Mail-Service-2016-Year-in-ReviewOnce again, the women of Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service have come up with a number. The number, $868,056.56 is the grand total amount of money saved for their Valparaiso and surrounding area customers on postage during the 2016 year.

Are they happy with this number? Absolutely, Donna Flanagin said, but they are still eyeing their $1 million goal.

Since 1996, the family-owned and operated business has made it their mission to consistently save postage expense for their customers.

“It's just so fun to strive to save our customers more than the year before,” Flanagin said. “It is interesting, because we have no real control over this figure because as the post office raises or lowers their rates, it affects this figure. To be real, many of our customers have no idea how much we save them, but it still is a fun goal.”

Saving money is their specialty, yet, the staff of Donna, Erica, Monica, and others offer bulk-mailing services, such as designing customers’ products, preparing all products and finally, sending them out to complete the entire transaction. The business works with the latest technology software, expertise, and has the ability to complete any project with substantial savings.

What really helped the business was the staffs’ attention to details and not being afraid to take their time.

“We grew slowly, by design. We wanted to always enjoy our work and not grow so big that we no longer had a good time doing what we do,” Flanagin explained. “Yes, that is probably not normal for business owners, but it worked for us. We love what we do.”

Flanagin’s will go the extra step too. Picking up products at the printers and providing free reports of addresses in your database that have been changed or are no longer in use, are some of the little ways the business goes above and beyond to help make your life easier by saving money and time.

The group takes pride in their attention to the smallest of details and outstanding customer service. From the first phone call or step into the office, the staff are ready to work efficiently for your needs, all while saving money and offering the best levels of convenience, speed, and flexibility.

“Every point of contact, every phone call has the underlying desire to save our customers as much as we possibly can. We actually believe that is the purpose of our business,” she added. “Anyone can produce bulk mail, but very few can get the deep discounted postage that we pass on to our customers.”

Flanagin’s allows you to skip the time-consuming stuffing of envelopes, addressing, and applying stamps. They even eliminate the trip to the post-office! With just 200 pieces, the mailing database, and your product, Flanagin’s takes an hours-long, tedious task and completes it for you within 48 hours. There is no sweat, no worries, no hassle, just convenience.

Over the last 21 years of service, Flanagin’s has achieved Premier Status with the USPS and is the #1 bulk mail provider in revenue for the Valparaiso Post Office. They are proud members of the Greater Valparaiso and Duneland Chambers of Commerce.

“One of the things that makes Flanagin's unique is the joy we still have for this business after 21 years,” she said. “We deliver a unique experience for our customers when they come to our office, something way out of the norm for a bulk mail company.”

The $868,056.56 savings was an increase of $116,968.79 from 2015 to 2016. Their goal is to save $1 million in postage for their customers in 2017 and Flanagin’s already working on it.