Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service now using tracking system

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service now using tracking system

Recently, Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service has been making their lives, as well as the lives of their customers, mail carriers, and much easier by investing in a tracking system. 

The software module, called EZTrackIt, allows employees at Flanagin’s to request a report of delivery scans. Owner Donna Flanagin said the system helps her company answer questions more efficiently and assuage fears when customers express concerns about their deliveries. 

“[EZTrackIt] is not tracking a particular piece of mail, but telling us if the mailing is in the mail stream, and if it was delivered or will soon be delivered,” Flanagin explained. 

In today’s day and age, tracking one’s mail is a common practice. Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service, a company that’s already saved customers more than three million dollars in postage, is joining the ranks.

EZTrackIt takes a lot of pressure off with its easy (the namesake doesn’t lie) process. Flanagin’s first priority is her customers, and this system allows her to better care for them and be sure their experience was up to standard.  

“We are always striving for better ways to service our customers,” she said. “In the past, there were times we’d get a call from a customer saying their mail had not been delivered in the time frame they anticipated. We had no way of knowing for sure if it had or had not been delivered.”

Flanagin explained how life is easier on the mail carriers with EZTrackIt, too. 

“Our only recourse [before EZTrackIt] was to call the destination post office and ask their carrier if they remembered delivering that particular mailing,” she said. “With all the mail that a carrier delivers daily, usually they could not confidently remember particular mailings.”

In addition to convenience, EZTrackIt comes completely free to customers.

“There is no additional charge, and we are hoping this small addition to our services will be a value added benefit of using Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service,” Flanagin said.

For more information on Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service, visit http://mybulkmail.com/.