Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service saves time, money, and energy with convenient service

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service saves time, money, and energy with convenient service

Offices around the country spend dozens or even hundreds of hours a year preparing their bulk mail. Postmarking envelopes, folding letters, labeling fliers, every instance of bulk mail done in-house adds hours of work that employees could be spending on other important projects.

Options such as Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service take the work out of a business’s hands. It works like this: you send your letter, flier, or other mailer out to the printer and then Flanagin’s takes over from there. They pick your mail up from the printer, label and package it, and send it out in bulk.

“The process can be as simple as a business sending us their mailing list,” said Donna Flanagin, Owner of Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service. “They send us their mailing list and mail to the printer, then, they don’t need to do anything else.”

Done in-house, every piece in a bulk mailing would need to be labeled, folded, and sealed. Flanagin’s makes the process fire and forget, employees no longer need to spend hours folding letters instead of the skilled work they were hired for.

“Doing all of that on their own means paying a lot in time and labor,” Flanagin said. “And postage is just astronomical, 55 cents on an envelope when you do it yourself. We do all of those steps, saving a ton of time and lowering average postage prices to about 28 cents.”

Kami Tupiak, Adminstrative Assistant for GreatNews.Life, is key to the day-to-day operations at her business. Her constant phone calls, emails, and great organizational skills keep things running smoothly. Every time GreatNews.Life needs to send out bulk mail, she trusts Flanagin’s to get the job done.

“I couldn’t imagine how long it would take to do all of this ourselves,” Tupiak said. “Between all of the mailings we do and the hundreds of items mailed out each time, it would take me weeks to handle. Flanagin’s has everything mailed out within a few days of us sending them and the printer our information. It's such a relief to know that they’ll take care of it and get the job done right.”

Some businesses try doing their own bulk mailings thinking it will save on the cost of hiring outside help, but rarely does that work out.

“People think that by doing it themselves that they can save some money,” Flanagin said. “In reality, that doesn’t tend to be the case. We save you so much on postage and labor. It’s like money back in your pocket compared to doing it yourself, and without needing to do any of the work.”

To learn more about Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service, visit mybulkmail.com.