Flavored whiskeys and bourbons become a big hit at Wise Guys

Flavored whiskeys and bourbons become a big hit at Wise Guys

Get those taste buds ready, because Wise Guys Discount Liquors is stocked with all your favorite flavored bourbons and whiskeys perfect for any occasion.

Some of these brands include classics such as Jack Daniels, a Tennessee whiskey with a natural hot, cinnamon taste, and Jim Beam, a bourbon with a slightly sweeter tang to it.

Additionally, with these flavored alcoholic beverages on the rise, more and more brands are experimenting with the flavored drinks, and it’s quickly becoming a trend many are coming to enjoy.

Wise Guys General Manager Rick Green credits Skrewball, a peanut butter-flavored whiskey, as a starting point for the rise in flavored drinks. Shortly after screwball took off, brands such as Bird Dog and Whiskey Smith jumped in on the fun and released flavored lines of their own, all available at Wise Guys stores.

These come in all flavors imaginable, and are even inspiring new brands to come about and give it a shot, too.

“There’s Bird Dog, which has been a staple whiskey brand for a long time and they have all kinds of flavors, and there's been a lot of new things coming out,” Green said. “Whiskey Smith is a new whiskey with flavors like banana, blood orange, salted caramel, and chocolate pineapple. There's Old Smokey, not the moonshine, but the flavored whiskeys. They have mango habanero and salted caramel, which is another hot whiskey flavor that everybody's been coming out with. Then Ballantine came out with several flavors of whiskeys and they have some really cool flavors like chocolate and turtle flavor. So flavored whiskeys and bourbons keep coming out with more and more, and everybody's doing different things with both.”

If different is what you’re after and also looking for something new with a slight tang to try, consider one of their newest flavors based off of a well-loved snack.

“There's also flavors like Wicked Pickle that recently came out that obviously has that pickle flavor,” Green said.

The large variety of flavors available makes now the perfect time to get creative to find your next favorite drink.

“You can do all kinds of things. Just let your imagination run wild,” Green said. “For example, you can mix Skrewball with a chocolate whiskey, and get a chocolate peanut butter with a Reese's type of drink, there's all kinds of things you can do.”

If you’re not sure where to start, Green recommends trying whiskeys with tons of flavors so you have plenty of options to choose from.

“I would try a lot of the old smoky flavored whiskeys that recently came out; those are really good,” Green said. “Again, the salted caramel is really good and they have their version of peanut butter, and they have a mango habanero and salty watermelon. Those are really good.”

In addition to the flavored whiskeys, Wise Guys will also be getting new barrels of whiskey soon, courtesy of Journeyman Distillery.

“We’ve got Bone, Silver Cross, Buggy Whip, and all kinds of other whiskeys and the bourbons that they have,” Green said. “Those are barrels that we hand picked out ourselves. And we should be expecting those pretty soon. We have about six barrels coming that we picked up.”

Green said Wise Guys enjoys working with local distilleries such as Journeyman and giving them a helping hand.

“We try to support our local distilleries and Journeyman is a big part of Wise Guys,” Green said.

With flavored whiskeys becoming more popular by the minute, Green affirms that Wise Guys will always have plenty in stock with new selections regularly on the shelves. He encourages people to stop in often to find the next flavored whiskey they’re sure to love.

“Bourbon is a hot category, just like tequila is right now. And there's so many new products coming out all the time. It's unbelievable, so it's all still a growing category and is still going to be a growing category for a while,” he said.

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