Flint Lake Has the Best Walkathon Ever!

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon at Flint Lake Elementary School and everyone decided it was high time to come out and enjoy the weather. So everyone came outside -all of the royalty, superheros, rock stars, and minions.

Wait, you say. Royalty and minions? This is a school, not a movie. What is going on?

This is the Flint Lake annual Walkathon! Students kindergarten through 5th grade came out and got some fresh air. Each class got to have a little fun with the day and dress up in themes. Each class was different and they really had a great time getting into costume and character

Jessica Corral, Art Teacher at Flint Lake Elementary School along with P.E. Teacher Willa Nuppnau helped to bring the Walkathon to life. This is the 4th year that the event has taken place, and it is the largest one to date.

The reason for the Walkathon was to get the kids out and get them some exercise. They walked, played on the soccer field, danced to music played by Djs, and sang along to all of the songs played. Not only was it to get the students outside, it was also when the big reveal for the amount that was raised in their playground fundraiser.

"Our goal was to raise $15,000 to get upgrades to the playground and we raised over $19,000," Corral said proudly.

There was an online web page where everyone could donate as well as packets that the students could take around their neighborhoods to gather donations.

"The kids did a great job being determined and motivated and getting donations," Corral said.

So after much dancing and play, the students were ushered into a large group outside the school. Students who raised the most money were recognized as was the grade that raised the most funds.

And then the moment of truth...

Teachers from Flint Lake as well as Principal Jim McCall and Valparaiso Community Schools Superintendent Mike Berta stood in front and held up signs that had the numbers of the amount of money that everyone raised. One by one, they raised their signs so that the kids could see.


Loud cheers came from jumping children and giddy teachers and proud parents. That amount surpassed the original goal! Congratulations Flint Lake Elementary! You've earned it!

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