Focus on Teamwork Makes the Olga Petryszyn Team Stand Out

olga-p-team-2014In the Northwest Indiana real estate market, there are a variety of complex factors involved in taking a client from listing to closing. For McColly Real Estate of Valparaiso’s Olga Petryszyn Team, the teamwork and variety of expertise the team possesses that allows them to stand out among the competition.

The team, consisting of Olga Petryszyn, Amelia Kowalisyn and Catherine Craigin, works as a well-oiled machine to ensure their clients are happy and in the homes that fit them best. This teamwork creates a “three-for-one deal,” as Petryszyn explains, which gives the trio the upper hand in finding the right home for the right family or selling their home.

“I have discovered that by combining some of the talents of chosen individuals, we can get the job done creatively and make sure nothing falls through the cracks,” explained Olga. “That’s the only way you can consistently stay in the top 10 regionally; it’s by teamwork.”

To help juggle the load - the team sees an influx of at least 25 new clients each month - communication is key. The trio shares an office at McColly and hold meetings every morning to get on the same page and set their calendars for the weeks ahead.

“The communication between us has to be constant because Amelia has to know everything going on with my clients and I have to know everything with hers and same with Olga,” Catherine explained. “We all work together in that.”

“We’re always on the phone, always texting,” continued Olga.

The three ladies usually will try and meet with clients face-to-face to start the transaction. From there, they split duties that suit each of their respective strengths.

“My strength is, 32 the years being in the industry, I know so many people around,” Olga explained. “I get to go out into the marketplace and talk to those people, get referrals and keep churning those clients. Many become great friends.”

Amelia serves two roles within the team; one as the team's social media manager, and another as the team’s buyer specialist. In that role, she goes out with buyers to help find the perfect home on the market for that client.

“I think the relationship with the client is the most important part,” explained Kowalisyn. “We really love working with these clients in listing and finding their homes. It’s something we take pride in and enjoy doing.”

“My favorite part of working with Amelia is her positive attitude,” Olga said of Amelia. “She is very powerful with her sales skills and her charm. She has lots of energy to run with the buyers.”

Catherine’s responsibility lies heavily in the listing process of the property and in taking each home’s photos, selecting commentary, and details as appealing as possible. As Olga explained, the listing of a home is the bulk of the work on the agent’s side of selling a property, but Catherine is always up to the challenge.

“If I ask Catherine to take on a task, I never hear about it until it’s done,” Olga explained. “She’s always willing, always smiling, and in this industry you have to be able to multi-task. And she’s an absolute task master.”

It is clear the team enjoys working together and has a healthy respect for each individual’s role within the team.

“Olga really puts her whole heart into what she does. She’s such a strong business woman and role model,” said Kowalisyn. “And Catherine is such a go-getter. She’s great at what she does - her pictures are beautiful - and she has almost 15 years of experience. It’s nice having two strong females with such experience to work with and learn from.”

““What’s fun about this team is we cover the generations. With us, you’ve got three minds instead of just one,” Olga said. “You’ve got three types of talents and personalities. It turns out that dynamic is very powerful.”

“We are a unique team in that, even though we each have our specialities, any of our clients can contact any one of us. They all are all of our clients, we all work together in every aspect of the transaction,” explained Catherine.

Olga echoed that sentiment, “That’s actually a written rule with us: We are all brokers, and we have all agreed to take each other’s role at any times.”

Whether you’re currently looking for a new home or curious about how your home would price on the current market, Petryszyn encourages Northwest Indiana residents to take the first step.

“We like to sit down and discuss what our client’s life plan is, what the financial choices are,” explained Olga. “The clients shouldn't have a number stuck in their head, there are a number of factors that go into the decision.”

For more information on the Olga Petryszyn Team, visit, “Like” their Facebook page and “Follow” the trio on Twitter at “@OlgasTeam”.