Folks That Are Not Morons Awards

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: August 27, 2010

How can I really recognize the people that came into my life each week, that truly are not a moron.  Outside of these LIFE sites, I do often think about people who seem to demonstrate a proclivity to act like morons, but in keeping with the all positive aspect of what drives us, I knew I wanted to focus on those shining stars that came through each week and showed they "get it", or at least that they seemed to "get it" that week at least.

Technically, the term "get it" or "not a moron" in my dictionary means they have a high number of a very desirable line of traits that I find attractive:  They are enjoyable to work with, nice to know, have a clue about themselves in a believable way, are fairly logical about things, speak candidly, are honest, and tend to be willing to look at things in a lighter context.

So, on with the awards.  My respect for these individuals is profound, and lasts until at least the next week's awards designation.

We begin with a recap of Week 1-8, and then big announcement about week 9 and 10 winners are all the way at the bottom, just like they wait to give movie of the year till after all the other stuff.

Week 1.

I want to recognize people for not being a moron, and I say that with respect, knowing the distaste I have for people who are morons, and how many people I interact with every week who exhibit moronic behavior. Congrats go out to Ricco Semento, Brad Cavanaugh, Fred Cicco, Robin Lynne Wilkening, Michael Essany and Jim Ullom.

Week 2.

The winners have been selected. In this weeks These Folks Are Not Morons Awards, the honor is being given to Tom Carroll, Ben Lamb, Nat Finn, Jesse Harper, James Tudor, and Stewart G. McMillan. People who have exemplified in some way within the past week, that they indeed have a clue, have added some enjoyment to my week, and at least generally I would not consider a Moron. Congratulations Gang.

Week 3.

It has been one heck of a week. Luckily for me it was filled with many very worthy candidates for the These People Are Not Morons Award. Standing tall to earn this honor are Laura Shurr Blaney and Ken Blaney, Michelle Hanna Andres, Christa Essany, Barby Adkins Alfredson, and Thomas A Little. They join a select class of previous winners, and for the rest of you, there is always next week.

Week 4.

A world of extremes it seems. Lot's of competition for the top spots, and a week full of reminders that some folks are trying hard to be exluded from consideration forever. These Folks Are Not Morons Award for this week go out to Grant Andres, Thomas Grisafi, Susan Luscomb Antoszewski, Susan Hoffman, Patrice Prunsky, and Samantha Eaton. Please join me in recognizing their significant contribution to not being a Moron.

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for all weekend.

Week 5 - These Folks Are Not Morons Awards go to:

This was the first week that I had to struggle just a bit to find folks that were not a repeat winner (though you can repeat - just not good for mankind if I can't find 6 new people each week), but these 6 demonstrate just what this award stands for.

Ken Elwood, Chris Barbauld, Daniel Timm, Dan McGuire, Bryan Truitt, and Steve Walsh. (As all photographs were pulled from Facebook, that is a current photo of Bryan Truitt)


Week 6 - These Folks Are Not Morons Awards go to:

As I was putting this list together this week, it was similar to standing at the counter of Valpo Velvet and deciding whether I am going to choose from peanut butter chocolate, mint chip, banana chocolate chip, or any one of the obvious and abundant choices for ice cream that feeds the soul.

So too, was this week for selecting the These Folks Are Not Moron Awards. There was a colorful case of cool people to choose from this week, that each brought a little bit of sunshine into this week that is ending on about the nicest day outside I can remember in close to ever. So Mr. and Mrs. Great Flavor that has to wait till next time because I choose only six different scoops each week, don’t think you are a Moron if you are not selected this trip to the shoppe. You may indeed be the one flavor that is truly not delightful, but the more folks I meet, the more flavors I seem to like.

The winners are Jon Groth, Terry Hufford, Steve Dalton, Jim Sarkisian and Christie Fuller (used to be Zdzinicki), and the lovely Valpo Velvet lady Cathy Brown


Week 7 & 8

The past few weeks have been even nuttier than normal so this particular Moron has been running behind keeping up with this distinguished awards program.  So this week, we are giving you a double dose of sanity, with a full 12 folks being inducted into the These Folks Are Not a Moron Hall of Fame.  In their own way, sometime over the last couple of weeks, these people showed to me that they “get it”, are nice to deal with, and truly like to help others as much or more than they like to help themselves.  Wave to them on the street when you see them, shake their hand when you meet them, and absolutely give them the respect that this huge honor commands for them, at least this week.

Bob Phelps

Jodi Frailey

Carrie Sorrells

Janice Wilson

Kelly Credit

Dave Arnell

Rich Mech

Olga Velazquez

Rob Thorgren

Don Asher

William Hanna

Colin Czilii

Weeks 9 and 10

The latest distinguished folks inducted into the These Folks Are Not a Moron Hall of Fame

Tom Steindler Jr. - Owner of Steindler Signs
Jonathan Nalli - Porter CEO
Christopher Leitz - VU Student
Mike Berta - Portage Superintendent

Ric Frataccia - Portage Assistant Superintendent
Fred McNulty - Professional networker/board member/cocktail party goer
Nancy Simpson - Portage YMCA Marketing Coordinator
Joan Grott - Porter County 4H leader
Sandie Schultz Sims - Schultz Floral
Donna Flanagin - Flanagin's Bulk Mail
Stacey Schmidt - Valparaiso Schools Elementary Education
Michelle Golab - Owner of Topperz