For Thomas KIA, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Thomas-KIA-Most-Wonderful-Time-of-the-Year-2016To many, the months of November and December is the best time of year and, for Thomas KIA’s Moe Youssef, that’s especially true this year.

“Now, with the end of the year coming up, it’s the best time of the year,” Youssef said. “The weather is changing and there are the visual changes into Christmas and the holiday season.”

“It’s a great time for us to help people save some money and put a smile on customer’s faces!” Youssef said of what the Thomas KIA sales team is working hard to do this time of year.

Initially, the winter months don’t seem like the ideal time to go car shopping but Youssef and Thomas KIA have been pleasantly surprised by a, so far, busy November.

“With the change in the weather you would think that things would be slow but we’ve had a great November and we’re really looking forward to repeating that going into December,” said Youssef. “Every week has been better than the last.”

The core sales team at Thomas KIA has worked together for quite some time now and the professionalism and product knowledge that they possess has gone a long way toward making the Highland-based KIA dealer successful.

“Research says that customers look to the right person to buy a car from well before they consider what vehicle or where they go,” Youssef noted. “Our sales team is the key. They listen to the customer to find out their needs and we work to save time and get the customer the vehicle that is right for them.”

The average car buyer will spend around 13 hours researching vehicles and between 60-70% buy a different vehicle than they had originally intended. This means that Youssef and the knowledgeable team at Thomas KIA has the important job of identifying what each individual customer’s needs are when choosing a new car.

“The average car-buyer will visit 1.5 dealerships when purchasing a car so when we sit down with a customer we want to make sure we’re finding out everything we can about what that individual needs in a vehicle. Product knowledge and professionalism - that’s how we end up saving our customers time and money.”

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