Four Cool Ways Levin Tire Proves They Put The Customer First

LevinPromoLevin Tire and Service Center has always been known as Northwest Indiana’s hometown service center. They’ve been the trusted source for tires and services since 1918 in The Region, and they’re known around our towns as having friendly, professional, and reliable service.

And while their quality, professional service is no secret to folks in Northwest Indiana, there’s a lot of other things they do to go above-and-beyond for their customers that you may not be so aware of.

Here are four sweet ways Levin Tire is proving they put the customers in Northwest Indiana, first.

1: Free Wi-Fi

In our connected society Wi-Fi while we wait is a much appreciated convenience for a number of reasons. Yet, even in this day-in-age, it seems like finding a business that offers free, reliable Wi-Fi is like trying to find a Packers fan in Northwest Indiana.

They exist, but few and far between.

So it’s nice to know that Levin Tire offers free, reliable Wi-Fi at all seven of their locations throughout The Region that helps you stay connected while you wait.

2: Free Shuttle Service*

Love the free Wi-Fi but the boss needs you back at the office for a big meeting in an hour? No worries, Levin Tire has most of you covered with their free shuttle service that will get you back to the desk before the boss even knows you’re gone. Best of all, after the big meeting, just call the store back up and they’ll come pick you up and take you back to the shop!

3: Free Flat Tire Repair

We’ve all had the nail, screw, etc. that magically pops up in our tire and deflates our day. It’s happened to every Tom, Bill, and Robert out there.

But whether you bought the tire at Levin Tire or not, bring your flat into Levin and if it can be properly repaired, they will fix it for free. Just another way Levin shows they got the back of Northwest Indiana drivers.

And because Levin always has your back, check out the info on when a tire can be properly repaired and learn why they’re committed to providing quality service to keep you safe out on the streets.

4: They have A LOT of friends (and so do you now)

Levin Tire & Service Center is a proud member of the Goodyear Tire and Service Network, and what this means to you are a couple of pretty awesome things.

One, it means when you stop by any Levin Tire location you can feel good knowing you’re in the best of hands with trained and certified technicians; because that’s the only way it can be for a tire and service center to join Goodyear’s network.

And the reason Goodyear is so selective about only letting the best in the service business into their network is because they put their network promise on a number of warranties that are good at over 2,000 locations throughout the country.

Meaning, Levin Tire’s work is guaranteed at thousands of locations nationwide. Pretty awesome, right?

And while we could write about the many other ways Levin always has the customers’ needs in mind first, why not stop by one of their many locations around The Region and see for yourself?

Free Shuttle Service Disclaimer:

In order to best serve all of our customers, shuttle service is limited in the following ways: 1) The customer's destination must be within a 10 mile radius from the store, and 2) Shuttle service must take place during normal business hours. The expected time of arrival back to the store must be before close of business. Levin Tire reserves the right to accept, refuse or limit shuttle service at any time.