Four tips to keep your home clean this fall and winter from Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC

Four tips to keep your home clean this fall and winter from Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC

With the cold weather here, now is the time to update your cleaning checklist with all to ensure the everyday grime and germs are not there to stay. Read on for the four key things the team at Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC pays attention to when cleaning your home during the fall and winter months.

1. Deep cleaning

Spring isn’t the only time for a deep clean. Many people tackle deluxe cleaning in their homes during the fall and winter months, which helps to stay on top of dust, dirt, and grime and prevent them from building up.

Michael Dec

“Wiping down all the trims, the cabinets, the counters, and more helps to control the level of dust in the home, especially since the windows are closed more often,” said Michael Dec, Owner of Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC.

Taking time to clean the floors and carpets, wipe down surfaces and cabinets, vacuum upholstery furniture, and more rids your home of dust and germs that tend to build up in the colder months. Doing a complete deep clean of the house and sticking to a schedule every few weeks also allows you to spend less time cleaning in the future, since you are staying on top of day-to-day messes.

2. Tracking in salt

Winter means snow, and with snow comes salt. Living in the Region means we spend a fair share of the winter months laying down salt on the roads and our driveways, which means it can be easily tracked into the home all winter long.

“A lot of modern salts have glycol, and the same components as antifreeze in them, so once that stuff gets on the floor and you mop it, it easily spreads and is very difficult to get out,” Dec said.

Putting down shoe mats at your home’s entrance can drastically cut down on the amount of salt that enters your home, along with using cleaning supplies specifically designed to neutralize salt on your floors.

3. Disinfect

Now more than ever, disinfecting surfaces and using the right disinfecting products is important in everyone’s household. Using wipes, all-purpose cleaners, and microfiber products on high-touch areas of your home stops germs and viruses in their tracks.

“Make sure to disinfect the high-touch points in your home, like doorknobs, switch plates, counters and faucets, to cut down on cross-contamination,” Dec said.

“One of our go-to products are Magic Erasers, which we use in bathrooms to cut through grime,” he continued. “We also believe in using microfiber products, which do the best job of cleaning surfaces. Whether it’s a microfiber cloth on a surface or a microfiber mophead on the floor, it does the best job cleaning with whatever chemicals you use.”

4. Don’t wait until the last minute

Whether you’re tackling a deep clean yourself in preparation for holiday guests or hiring a service like Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC, do not wait until the last minute.

“With the holidays approaching, having a clean home when guests arrive is on everyone’s minds,” Dec said. “Don’t wait until the last minute to start your deep clean or book a cleaning service, as ones like ours are already starting to book up.”

“If you do book a cleaning service like Brilliant Results, we want people to know that what you’re buying is more time with your family on the weekends or during the holidays,” he continued. “So instead of spending all weekend cleaning, we can do it for you so you can focus on you and your family during a very busy time.”

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