Franciscan Alliance Ride Emphasizes Awareness, Treatment, Collaboration between Hospitals

Franciscan-Alliance-Ride-Emphasizes-Awareness-Treatment-Collaboration-between-HospitalsCrown Point Burrell Cancer Center was the last stop recently on a two-day, more than 100-mile bicycle tour conducted for the second consecutive year by 15 physicians and other officials (not all of whom are shown) of University of Chicago Medicine to generate awareness of urology diseases and the importance of early detection and testing. Ride leader Arieh Shalhav, MD, (seventh from left), chief of the university hospital’s urology section, said the ride emphasizes the “strong collaboration we need to have between big specialty centers and local communities to assure the best multi-specialty continuity of patient care possible.”

He added, “We like to go to the local hospitals to shake hands and meet our colleagues to help build those relationships.” The visitors enjoyed refreshments and a tour of the facility, led by Franciscan St. Anthony director of oncology services Miki McClain, before dining with Franciscan St. Anthony physicians at a local restaurant and then heading home by bus.