Franciscan Health’s new Munster Cancer Center brings Incredible Technology to Northwest Indiana

Franciscan Health’s new Munster Cancer Center brings Incredible Technology to Northwest Indiana

After first breaking ground just three years ago, the Franciscan Health Cancer Center in Munster is now proud to welcome patients from all around Northwest Indiana. What started as a hopeful vision where patients in the Region could receive cancer treatment close to home, has now come to life and is even more incredible than anticipated.

The ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication on July 23rd allowed the team at Franciscan Health to share their success with the community and gave everyone a closer look at the promising future that lies before them. Those in attendance heard hopeful remarks from Patrick J. Maloney, President and CEO of Franciscan Health Dyer, Hammond, and Munster, who spoke about the dedication and immense cooperation that went into completing the center. As stated, Franciscan Health has always been devoted to bringing care and hope to patients and their families, and the Munster Cancer Center will continue to do just that.

"The one problem with this area is people think, 'we have to go to Chicago, we have to go to the teaching hospitals,'" said Maloney. "I hope this facility means that people no longer have to continuously leave this community to get great cancer care. I really want everyone to feel that it's a one stop shop."

The Cancer Center has a committed team consisting of Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Surgeons, Pathologists, Radiologists, Infusion Nurses, Radiation Therapists, and many more who are all prepared to tackle every need of their patients.

Dr. Rowland Mbaoma, Medical Director at the Munster Cancer Center, was able to shed light on some of the new features the center will provide such as an Oncology Pharmacy, Medical Oncology and Infusion Services, a Women’s Diagnostic Center, imaging and lab services, and the latest PET CT Scanner that is quick and accessible for all people.

The Women’s Diagnostic Center will offer mammography, breast MRI’s, and biopsies. ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound Screenings) will also function as a huge component to the Diagnostic Center, as it works in cooperation with mammography to reduce false negative rates for detecting cancer in breast tissue. The Munster Cancer Center will thus be the only center in Northwest Indiana with ABUS.

"The cancer center is finally here!" exclaimed Mboama. "A regular mammogram can miss up to on-third of breast cancer in women with dense breasts. Using the ABUS and mammography, we will reduce false negative rates."

In addition, the Cancer Center will also give patients one-on-one meetings with pharmacists who can better recommend necessary treatment by taking into consideration all medications, new and old. This will help to prevent harmful interactions while still targeting their cancer in the best way possible in regards to their personal health.

Dr. Mbaoma added that this is a “truly comprehensive cancer center.” Their ability to bring extraordinary expertise to a place where patients and families no longer need to make the travel to Chicago to receive the care their need is not longer just a dream, but now a reality, right here in Northwest Indiana.

Sister Aline Shultz similarly stated how appreciative people are to have care so close to home. Their advanced technology makes the Munster Cancer Center the best place for treatment in all of Northwest Indiana.

As stated by Sister Shultz, “That’s the biggest blessing for us, being able to provide all these services close to home for people in Northwest Indiana.”

It makes such a huge difference to be able to give expert care in such a crucial area, and Franciscan Health has successfully made this possible. All those at Franciscan Health feel beyond blessed to be able to have completed their astounding project with great success, and they thank not only the work of their team, but that of the entire Munster and Northwest Indiana community who helped to make it possible.

From compassionate care, to proven technology and advanced expertise, Franciscan Health is always there lending a hand and providing only the best for their patients, and with the new state-of-the-art equipment here are the Munster Cancer Center, those of Northwest Indiana are able to feel close to home while receiving the care they need.

Photo Credit: Candace Arvin