Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Michigan City Recognizes Physicians for Years of Service

Mark-Jacobi-Mizra-RaheemMark Jacobi, M.D. (left), and Mizra Raheem, M.D., who have been on staff with Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Michigan City for 35 years, were among physicians honored for terms of service at an annual awards program during a general medical staff meeting at the hospital Nov. 18.

Also honored were: 40 years, Robert E. McBride, M.D.; 30 years, William Rosevear, M.D.; Anthony Umolu, M.D.; Robert LeMay, M.D.; 25 years, David Fumo, M.D.; Vidya Kora, M.D.; Stephen Burns, M.D.; McKindra Fletcher, M.D.; Suhayl Nasr, M.D.; 20 years, Anil Chawla, M.D.; Mark Nelson, M.D.; 15 years, Jamil Ahmed, M.D.; William Espar, M.D.; J.R. Gandra, M.D,; Carey Ransone, M.D.; 10 years, Lisa Gabrish, D.D.S.; Syed Majid, M.D.; Michael Messina, D.O.; Bernadette Folke, D.D.S.; Easa Ghoreishi, M.D.; Lisa Hendricks, M.D.; five years, John Brady, M.D.; James Hasbargen, M.D.; Lazo Krstevski, M.D.; John Mulligan, M.D.; Virginia Newman, M.D.; Hitendra Patel, M.D.; Diane Wallace, M.D.; Patricia Young, M.D.; Brian Dickover, M.D.; Thomas Galouzis, M.D.; Heather Gillespie, M.D.; George Hodakowski, M.D.; Steven Whaley, M.D.

Hospital president James Callaghan, M.D., saluted the physicians for their service and contributions to the hospital, its patients and the community.