Friday Night’s Awesome Options

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: October 1, 2009

Folks are always asking me why are you so hopped up on Valpo? My answer always revolves around how many really great people I have met in this town, and how blessed many things there are to offer here-- whether it be cool events going on, great public and private school systems, loads of parks and city amenities, a fun downtown, blah, blah, blah – I could (and often do) go on forever.

Seriously, though – this Friday night is the ultimate challenge for anyone living in and around Valpo.

What am I or we or all of us going to do this Friday night? Friday night is the end of the work-week for many, and at least even symbolically for most of the rest of us whose days and weekends often blend a bit more subtly between work and play.

So what in the heck is going on in Valpo that could possibly be interesting or fun to do? What if I am a single person and want to hang out with friends, what if I want to do something with my family, what if we need a date night out, what if we just want to try something new – a new restaurant, some new music, new activity, but something fun?

Well this Friday, here is what your Ultimate Challenge is :

Do you go to the big concert at VU? In case you haven’t heard, Chanticleer, known as the world’s reigning male chorus, is playing at the VU Chapel at 8pm. These guys were named the 2008 Ensemble of the Year by Musical America! How cool is it that a world renowned musical chorus will be playing here in our town, in a venue that will likely provide perfect acoustics for them? As of Thursday night at 5pm, there were still some tickets available.

Do you go to the Valparaiso High School homecoming football game, and attend all of the festivities surrounding it? The parade starts at 5:30 at Northview, heads down Campbell, and ends up at the VHS field. Supporting the Homecoming Parade is always a good tradition because you can encourage kids to be taking pride in their class, their school, and ultimately their town. Homecoming weekend is always loaded with tradition and memories, and even if you don’t give a hoot about football, it is a fun thing to attend because it means so much to such a big part of the town. The football team is taking on DAC rival Merrillville, and at halftime they will have the procession of the homecoming court, with the VHS band doing their usual great routine. It is tough to decide against all of the pageantry of the VHS Homecoming Weekend.

Or do you go to watch Jon at Franklin House? The mayor’s band, The Conservadellics, is playing at The Franklin House on Friday night as well. The Franklin House is always a cool place to hang out, and now you can check out all the historical renovations that have been done to the building, while hear a pretty laid-back dude play guitar with his buddies. At the Franklin House you can always see friends young and old, and plus, the guy just happens to be the mayor. What’s not cool about that?

Those aren’t even the only three options! The Memorial Opera House is putting on a production of Godspell at 8pm, renowned local poet Randall Reads is hosting a concert at Front Porch Music, and DJ Corey Baxter is playing at Oceans Dance Club at Zao Island starting at 8 as well. There is also the Sit ‘n Knit at Evelyn Bay Coffee House, and Open Swim going on at the YMCA until 8:30.

So, whatever you do on Friday night, go do something out of the ordinary. Go see a world renowned, Grammy Award-winning choral group. Go watch a football game. Go see a band, or a play, or a reading, or go dance! There’s so much going on this weekend that I could (and often would) go on forever.