Love summer? Love the weekend? Love coffee? Love your family? Love your dog? Let us know! Take a look below to see what others love today!

Melissa Topor Huffman - I love this little face!


Heather Curlee Novak - little girl friendships!

Robyn Walsworth - I l-o-v-e, LOVE my church!

Cathy Brown Brown - I love the beach!

Annette King Loeffler - love my grandsons and my husband...

Laura Shurr Blaney - Varsity Singers!! (with a strong bias towards the girl in the center. <3)

Nicole Bissonnette - Family time, fishing, fun!

Barbie Rago Johnson

Bill Moran - Love my kids!

Reggie Flesvig - Sunrise!

Jane Lump - Fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden!