From trash to treasure: Subaru and TerraCycle’s “Subaru Loves the Earth” encourages the community to recycle

From trash to treasure: Subaru and TerraCycle’s “Subaru Loves the Earth” encourages the community to recycle
By: Kami Tupiak Last Updated: April 13, 2019

“From trash to treasure” is a statement that has stuck with me from my childhood. I remember watching Oscar the Grouch dig through forgotten garbage only to find something in which he saw value where no one else did, recycling it in his own way.    

Subaru started “Subaru Loves the Earth” in 2018, and since then has helped to recycle more than 500,000 pounds of waste. For the second year, Subaru has partnered with TerraCycle during the month of April for “Subaru Loves the Earth” to take our trash and turn it into treasure.

Did you know that most of our everyday items aren’t recyclable? Of course you have paper, plastic and glass, but within these categories there is much more that you can’t throw in your recycling bin. Here is a few examples of those taboo items: take-out food containers, plastic grocery bags, plastic bottle caps, Styrofoam, certain types of glass baking dishes, shredded paper, milk cartons, juice boxes, and even paper coffee cups.

If you went through your recycling bin and eliminated these products, you might end up with more waste than actual recyclables. This is where TerraCycle comes in. They want to stop the waste products that aren’t able to be recycled from ending up in landfills. TerraCycle has provided more than 500 Subaru retailers with their zero waste boxes. These boxes allow you to collect non-recyclables from your home or office and bring them into your Subaru dealer where you put them right into the green zero waste box.

The boxes were created to encourage Subaru employees and the community to recycle some of their harder-to-recycle objects. They then turn the items into treasures such as park benches, picnic tables, and playground equipment for the community.  

If you’re curious about what recycled playground equipment looks like up close, you can visit Tower Park in Valparaiso.  All of the playground equipment there has been made from recycled plastic, and small kids love it. It’s a testament to how when a community works together, beautiful things that we treasure can be created.

For more information about the International Subaru of Merrillville and TerraCycle’s program “Subaru Loves the Earth,” please visit their website.