Frontline Foundations Uses Their “Good Life Pitch” Award to Fund Community Outreach for Their Organization with Ideas In Motion Media

Frontline Foundation Award 2016resizedIn August Ideas in Motion Media held their 5th annual Good Life Awards. One of the highlights of the awards ceremony was The Good Life Pitch Awards, where nonprofits were welcomed to pitch their ideas for a chance to receive a portion of the proceeds from the event to apply to their organization. Each nonprofit’s pitch was to detail what the additional resources would be used to aid their organization.

One of the companies to pitch at the Good Life Awards was The Frontline Foundation. This organization is a nonprofit substance abuse treatment center located in several locations in Northwest Indiana. The Frontline Foundation is certified as a substance abuse treatment center with the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction. They offer intensive outpatient treatment for those suffering from substance abuse issues and mental health disorders. These treatment services include a clinical substance abuse assessment and evaluation, individual counseling, peer to peer age specific group counseling, a faith based 12 step application, and also the capability of a dual diagnosis and treatment.

Frontline Foundation was one of three non for profits selected to win the Good Life Pitch. The pitch Frontline Foundation submitted was to put their resources into a communication program to reach the community on social media and other online sources. Frontline then chose to use their awarded funds to partner with Ideas in Motion Media as a way to keep in contact with the community.

“In terms of ValpoLife, LaPorteCountyLife, NWIndianaLife, and the entire Ideas in Motion Crew, they’re excellent communicators and they’re very helpful in getting an organisation’s story across,” said Frontline Foundation’s Developmental Director, Derek Frazier. “If we wanted to share some good news or something relevant to our community, Ideas in Motion Media has always been our first stop. They have great resources through their social media presence and through their websites. They’re very aggressive at reaching out to the community. “

Ideas in Motion Media’s CEO Chris Mahlmann was just as eager to be partnered with Frontline.

“We’re very proud to be working with them, because of the critical nature of what they do and our understanding of how significant that is to the people that need the help that they’re getting. We know that the need is there. We know that real solutions have to be available to people that are struggling with those issues. And we’re truly impressed with what frontline does by connecting real solutions for real people.”

Mahlmann went on to comment that another benefit of partnering with an organization like Frontline Foundation was to raise general community awareness of issues facing residents.

“It's not good news that those people are struggling, but it's awesome news that there are these people with proven and tested programs. There's a lot of community members that have gotten behind them to support it because they’re actually there helping these people with their problems.”

Since the partnership, Ideas in Motion Media has published several articles with Frontline, increased their social media presence, and raised awareness to the events they have hosted. One major event this year was their Hooked on Arts.

“We had our 5th annual Hooked on Art Fest in downtown Chesterton at the end of September. Ideas in Motion Media was great about getting our word out through facebook and other social media channels,” said Frazier. “That event was widely seen and widely trafficked online. We believe one part of that was due to the advertising with Ideas in Motion Media. We had about 3,500 people attend that event. There was live music, live street art, and many people came out for it. What was great was people told us they heard about it through Ideas in Motion Media’s resources!”

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