Frontline’s New Partnership with Online Store Celebrates Creative Recovery

Frontlines-New-Partnership-with-Online-Store-Celebrates-Creative-RecoveryFrontline, a non-profit and certified substance abuse treatment provider, highlights their end of year fundraiser with a unique partnership. The Artistic Recovery ( is a new online store supporting recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

“Partnering with The Artistic Recovery is a perfect fit,” says Frontline CEO and Founder Amber Hensell-Hicks. “Artists, musicians, substance abuse professionals, and those in recovery work with this unique online store by sharing their art as a way to give back.”

The Artistic Recovery website features impactful works of art, ranging from paintings to professionally produced songs, as well as custom apparel.

Continues Hensell-Hicks: “When you donate at one of four giving levels, your donation is not only matched, but you receive a special gift from The Artistic Recovery online store.”

Contributions to Frontline support affordable substance abuse treatment for local underserved individuals.

Frontline’s popular art and music recovery programs give clients a healthy outlet during recovery. As one member of Frontline’s Music Recovery Program explains, “When it comes to drug addiction, you have to replace it with something else. That’s what I find in music.”

The Frontline fundraiser with gifts from The Artistic Recovery ends December 31. To make a donation, visit to make a donation or learn more. For more information about Frontline, please visit or call (219) 728-1638.