General Assembly concludes 2020 Legislative Session

General Assembly concludes  2020 Legislative Session

The Indiana General Assembly adjourned this week, concluding the 2020 legislative session. Below are some of the items I am proud to have supported this session.

Increase health care cost transparency
Recent studies have demonstrated that Hoosiers pay considerably more for some health care services than citizens in other states. Price transparency is a critical first step in addressing this issue. In an effort to provide more transparency, this session, I authored and sponsored legislation creating an All-Payer Claims Database, curbing surprise billing and requiring hospitals to post the average price of common procedures they provide online.

Hold K-12 schools harmless for ILEARN test results
Transitioning from one state test to another can create challenges for schools and teachers, as Indiana saw with the 2019 ILEARN results. My colleagues and I supported legislation that holds K-12 schools and teachers harmless for the 2019 and 2020 test scores.

Reduce government debt
In order to reduce government debt, this session I sponsored a bill to pay for capital projects that were approved in our most recent budget with cash. This will eliminate almost $300 million in state debt and save Hoosier taxpayers $135 million in the long run by avoiding future interest payments.

Raise smoking and vaping age to 21
Reducing smoking and vaping is one of the most important things we can do as a state to improve our overall health. That's why I authored legislation that aligns state law with federal law by raising the minimum age to buy or possess tobacco products, e-liquids and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21. This new law also increases penalties for tobacco retailers that sell to underage Hoosiers and subjects vape shops to the same inspections as tobacco retailers.

I trust the legislation passed this session will have a positive impact on our state and further improve the quality of life for Hoosiers. I look forward to building upon this session's work and continuing to work to reduce health care costs in Indiana.

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