General Insurance Services Employee Spotlight: Kim Ramsey

General Insurance Services Employee Spotlight: Kim Ramsey

From the start, Kim Ramsey designed her life’s journey learning how to better the lives of others around her. Since November of 2018, she has served as Software Consultant at General Insurance Services (GIS), and spends her days creating advanced specialized solutions for businesses in the region.

Ramsey was born and raised in New Buffalo, Mich. After studying human resources and gaining an Organizational Leadership degree from Purdue University Northwest, she turned her career toward working for a community bank in La Porte County.

“I was at a community bank for 10 years. When I left in 2013, I spent three years working for the city of Michigan City and their economic development groups. I managed their business retention and expansion programs,” Ramsey said. It was her first taste of truly understanding the needs of the community she was working in.

“It gave me the opportunity to go out and meet with companies within the community of La Porte County and really understand what worked for them from a growth standpoint,” Ramsey said. “I was discovering what we could do to help the community grow and thrive.”

“My experiences gave me opportunities to get to know people and volunteer in La Porte County, which opened doors for me and essentially brought me to where I am today.”

When Ramsey parted ways with economic development work, she tried something different.

“I was missing the opportunity to truly help people,” Ramsey said. “I started working in sales, and it wasn’t fulfilling me.”

Ramsey had remembered working with GIS advisors when she was in the financial trust and investment division at the bank - something she had always kept in her back pocket.

“Through community involvement I got to know them,” Ramsey said, always keeping her connections close. “I reached out to them because I knew the values and culture at GIS were definitely something that was aligned with what I was looking for in a company.”

As a software consultant, Ramsey works with both commercial line producers and a company’s employee benefits department. She explains technological solutions and risk management software they offer to clients.

Ramsey explained that a risk management platform includes a library of tools. It allows for training when companies are looking to develop a safety culture, or are simply looking to improve.

“I look up the resources, tools, and technology-- specific solutions that are helping facilitate the process for them,” she said.

Every clients’ unique insurance needs are the number one priority at GIS.

“For us it’s about truly taking a proactive approach for our clients.”

Ramsey also works to improve efficiencies for companies seeking human resources solutions. This may mean eliminating paper documents and converting to a new online platforms.

“We offer and train advanced technology and let them know it is available,” Ramsey said. “We maintain the relationship and support the software.”

Alongside helping clients, Ramsey is thankful for the volunteer culture at GIS.

“Our mission is: secure the future of the communities we serve,” Ramsey said. “That's not a saying. We truly believe that and support the community through volunteer opportunities like Blue Jean Fridays or dollars for do-ers,” she said.

Blue Jean Friday is when team members wear jeans on Friday for a $5 donation.GIS happily matches those donations and the funds are designated to a non-profit of the team’s choice.

“It’s really awesome because it’s a way to give back. The push for volunteering contributes to the culture. It helps us to follow our passion,” Ramsey said. “It’s motivated me throughout my career. It makes you feel fulfilled, just knowing that you’re helping. Even just once a month.”

In her free time, Ramsey serves as the chairperson for Tour De La Porte, a significant fundraiser for those living with cancer in La Porte County.

“I love the people I work with,” Ramsey said. “They know and have been in the industry for a long time. It’s great to learn from them, and use those tools to help our clients. We are truly a team and its all team effort.”

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