Get in the spring spirit with light, fruity drinks from Indiana Beverage

Get in the spring spirit with light, fruity drinks from Indiana Beverage

Spring is the season to welcome back long hours of sunlight and the blooms of beautiful plants after long Indiana winters, so Indiana Beverage has introduced its spring selection packed full of light, fruity flavors. This year’s spring selection includes Bell’s Oberon American Wheat Ale, Modelo Oro Gold Standard Light Beer, Cayman Jack Margarita, and Simply Spiked Peach.

To celebrate the start of spring, the GreatNews.Life (GNL) staff sampled Indiana Beverage’s spring selection, noting the different flavor profiles and picking their favorites.

Bell’s Oberon American Wheat Ale

GNL Executive Director Jenny Craig-Brown is a fan of Oberon, already having tried Bell’s Oberon American Wheat Ale prior to the announcement of the Indiana Beverage spring selection, so she was happy to see it on the list.

With its bright orange flavor, this drink is also a favorite of GNL Publishing & Social Media Editor Nick Poulos.

"I look forward to this seasonal beer every year. I enjoy the orange taste; it reminds me of being outside in the sun every time I drink one,” Poulos said.

Modelo Oro Gold Standard Light Beer

As a fan of Modelo Oro beverages, Poulos was excited to try the Modelo Oro Gold Standard Light Beer, which possessed a milder flavor than other Modelo Oro drinks.

“I like all of Modelo's other products, so I was excited to try their new light beer. For a light beer, I liked it a lot, especially for only 90 calories,” Poulos said.

Sipping on Modelo Oro Gold Standard Light Beer had Craig-Brown envisioning fair weather and adventure on the water.

“The Modelo Oro will be a perfect crisp and light drink for both spring and summer on the river in a kayak,” Craig-Brown said. “Cheers to spring!"

Cayman Jack Margarita

With the trademark zing of citrus, margaritas will have you thinking of sunny days on the beach in no time. The Cayman Jack Margarita brings you all the pleasures of a margarita without the preparation time.

“I tried the Cayman Jack Margarita which was very crisp and clean. It’s a perfect margarita with no preparation,” said GNL Partnership & Office Coordinator Kami Tupiak.

To take your drink to the next level, Craig-Brown recommends adding an extra pinch of flavor to the Cayman Jack Margarita.

“The Cayman Jack Margarita was so good and is perfect when served on ice with maybe a little salt on the rim,” Craig-Brown said.

Simply Spiked Peach

To offer drinkers a variety of options, Simply Spiked Peach came in four different flavors, pairing different fruits together to create the ultimate sweet, spring flavor. These flavors were Mango Peach, Strawberry Peach, Kiwi Peach, and Signature Peach.

“Mango is my absolute favorite drink flavor, so when I saw the Simply Spiked collection had Mango Peach, trying it it was a no-brainer. The Kiwi Peach was just as amazing,” Tupiak said. “They were both fully flavored, and each of the flavors pair well with the peach for this refreshing spring drink!”

While the Mango Peach was an intuitive and tasty pairing of fruits, GNL Contributing Editor Lauren Grasham also enjoyed the more exotic pairing of the Kiwi Peach.

"I really enjoyed both the mango and kiwi Simply Spiked Peach drinks. It was a nice mix of sweet and citrus that made for the perfect combination and was great for someone like me who normally doesn't like the taste of alcohol in my drinks,” Grasham said. “These are drinks that I would definitely recommend to a friend, and I might even pick some up for myself next time I'm out."

Like Grasham, GNL Contributing Editor Damon Modglin also appreciated the subtle presence of alcohol in the Simply Spiked Peach beverages.

"It's easy to forget these Simply Spiked drinks have alcohol in them because they taste just like a regular Simply,” Modglin said. “They're perfect for a Saturday lunch in the spring or a game night with friends."

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