Get on Board: Support the new skatepark coming to Valparaiso

Get on Board: Support the new skatepark coming to Valparaiso

The mission of the Valpo Parks Foundation is to support the Valpo Parks Department. The Foundation often serves as a catalyst to bring projects to fruition, capturing the spirit and character of residents working side-by-side to make our community even stronger.

During this year's Party in the Park celebration, Valpo Parks Foundation Treasurer Tim VerSchure and Campaign Chair Kaye Frataccia-Seibert, announced to the crowd that the Valpo Parks Foundation Board of Directors pledged a $50,000 matching grant to the Valpo Parks Department to support the skatepark project.

"This matching grant is another example of the Valpo Parks Foundation stepping up to support the mission of the Parks Department, said Kaye Frataccia-Seibert. The $50,000 matching grant will allow other community members and organizations to "get on board" to match the $50,000 with another $50,000."

The skatepark project offers a variety of opportunities for private organizations and individual donors to get involved. To learn about ways in which you can Get on Board,please contact Development Director, Lisa Kusbel, to make a contribution at You can also visit the Valpo Parks Foundation website to make a donation to the project.

"The Valpo Parks Foundation is ONBOARD, said Kaye Frataccia-Seibert. Let's match their $50,000 with another $50,000. Like so many of the Parks projects over the years, it's the public-private partnerships that make all these wonderful projects come to fruition."

For updates on the Next Generation Skatepark visit the Valpo Parks website.