Get to Know Lynn’s Bedroom City

Lynns-BR-Chris-Mitch 3If you do decide to purchase a bed or piece of furniture from Lynn's Bedroom City (which is a good idea) you should know the business in with which you are doing business.

Compared to other stores in the area that sell mattresses and bedroom furniture, Lynn's stands out. They are family owned and they genuinely care about their customers and staff.

"You're not just dealing with some factory shop, you're dealing with a family; people that care about their community. They live here, they care, they're involved, and they know what they're doing," Chris Mahlmann CEO of Ideas in Motion Media said.

Lynns-BR-Chris-Mitch 2If something goes wrong, Lynn's genuinely cares about fixing it. When you deal with other mattress stores, you may not get the same person every time because he turnover rate for a sales person there is typically six months. If you have a problem and go back to the store to speak with the person who sold you your mattress, you won't get the help you need. The Lynns really know their stuff. That knowledge comes from years and years of working in the family business.

"My certification is that I listened to my father and brother talk about this stuff for my entire life," Lynn said. "With us, we are here and we are available. We try to hire people who are going to be part of our family for a long time. This way if there is an issue, a customer can come in and get the same person that sold them their bed and we can get the issue solved."

Lynns-BR-Chris-Mitch 17Lynn's Bedroom City started out many years ago as Peppers Waterbeds. The Lynn family was part of the local franchise.

"My father owned the property and his partner owned the franchise portion," Lynn said. "When his partner decided to move on he sold it to my father and my brother. When I was old enough to work I started as a stocker and moved my way up... I love being family owned and operated because it means that we can give a higher level of service to our customers and also take better care of our employees."

When you do make a purchase at Lynn's don't need to worry about transporting and assembling it yourself. Lynn's has a team to do it for you. And if you are averse to having strangers romping around your house, the delivery people at Lynn's have excellent reputations. Some are close personal friends of the owners and some have been with the company for many years, cementing their loyalty to the business and building a strong and trusting foundation.

"They are part of our family and that brings trust to our customers," Lynn said. 

And you can rest assured that the money you spend goes to American businesses. Many of the pieces of bedroom furniture that Lynn's sells are made in America by reputable companies. Financing is available to you can create payment plans so you can get that great bed without making a huge dent in your bank account.

For more information on Lynn's Bedroom City visit them online or stop in to one of the multiple locations in NWI!