Getting a Leg Up on Training

2013 mudathlon chTo continue my Mudathlon training saga, I thought it would be good to drop some knowledge on you, readers. I recently experienced "Leg Day", and though it was tough. I will reap the benefits later.

I headed over to Anytime Fitness of Michigan City to train with H2I, Kevin Scott. He's the manager of that club and a personal trainer so he knows his stuff. I, however, do not and when I'm told it's leg day, I get a twinge of anxiety. Then I kick myself mentally because I was being a baby. 

The voice of Chris/Jenny pop into my head, "Suck it up, Buttercup."

And so I keep my complaints to a minimum and try to do all of the crazy leg exercises that Kevin bestows upon me. I almost fall a couple times (but I don't thanks to the Extra Mile Fitness Mudathlon balance training) and by the end of the workout my legs are like jello. That means I did good. 

Now all I have to do is drive home...greeeeeeeat. 

But I'm glad I did it. Do you know how many times I've been at a gym and I've head people say, "Who needs leg day?" or "Today is leg day so that means I get to stay home."

It's important to take care of your stems because those are what enable you to walk, run, stand, dance, etc. People tend to work out other parts of the body that are better noticed like arms, chest, and abs. But if you have a ripped upper body and chicken legs, it will get noticed. 

On the health benefit side, working out your legs can help you run faster, jump higher, and lift more. You will also build strong knee, hip and ankle joints which will reduce your risk of injury later on. AND leg training burns lots of calories. which leads to increased fat loss. This is also partly caused by the release of hormones you get when training your legs. Leg muscles are so large that this hormonal response can even help you build upper-body muscle mass ("Men's Fitness" website, 2013). Multiple benefits here, people.

To tie this in with the Mudathlon race, there are obstacles that need to be climbed over, crawled through, scaled, run around, jumped on, etc. All of them require the use of legs (and the rest of the body, of course). But a pair of strong legs will be a huge benefit to me here and for the rest of my life. 

Keep reading to find out about more of my muddy adventures! Farewell! *walks off into the sunset because running is tough at the moment*