Goodrich Quality Theaters: Creating Memories Since 1930

Goodrich Quality Theaters: Creating Memories Since 1930
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: July 25, 2018

From high school date nights to taking the kids out for the latest release, the movie theater represents a special point of place in the American dream. For many in the Region, the Portage 16 IMAX and Goodrich Quality Theaters has created memories to cherish in the form of cinematic masterpieces.

While the movies themselves tell intricate stories meant to entertain, Goodrich Quality Theaters is still writing their story—a story which began back in 1930 with William Goodrich.

At the time, movie theaters were adding sound, a concept that was new and exciting for everyone involved. William Goodrich worked as a traveling salesman and frequented silent films. Once he felt the excitement of sound being added, he decided to lease a “live” theater in Savoy, Michigan and wire it for sound. The theater saw success and remained competitive with other theaters, effectively launching the Goodrich Quality Theaters brand.

Over the years, the theaters were taken over by Goodrich’s son, Bob Goodrich. In the 1970s, they created two-screen theaters and expanded the brand in Michigan. The 1980s brought a four-screen theater that remained competitive to the older, single-screen downtown theaters. Now, they boast even larger theaters, including the Portage IMAX and GDX with 16 screens, digital projection, and plenty of other amenities.

Goodrich Quality Theaters forged their path through the decades, creating exciting opportunities for moviegoers. Staying ahead of technology with IMAX, Giant Digital Experience (GDX), D-Box seating, and more, they’ve made sure a trip to the movies remains an exciting adventure.

The technology isn’t the only place they’ve upgraded, though. Throughout the years, the brand added additional items to concessions, expanded hot food offerings, and some locations even boast the ScreenTaps bar, which offers beverages to those attendees 21 and over. This constant innovation is something that keeps the theaters relevant and serving the needs of their patrons, a task they understand is of the utmost importance.

For Goodrich and his crew, the constant growth from beginning with a single screen to now maintaining 287 screens with more to come has been an exhilarating ride. His secret to success? Take every opportunity to learn, even from your competition.

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