Grab a Blockheads Beerworks beer at your local Wise Guys Discount Liquors

Grab a Blockheads Beerworks beer at your local Wise Guys Discount Liquors

Wise Guys Discount Liquors was voted the best liquor store in the Region for seven years for a reason! Throughout their four different locations, they have an astounding selection of liquor that you often can’t get anywhere else. One of those exclusive beer choices is from Blockhead Beerworks. 

Blockhead Beerworks is a brewery that brings unique beers to their tables and is located right in Downtown Valparaiso. Recently, Blockhead Beerworks and Wise Guys Discount Liquors decided to team-up for an exclusive partnership. Normally, sitting down at Blockhead Beerworks or stopping in for pick-up is the only way to try out these great beers. Now with this partnership, you are able to take advantage of the convenience of stopping in to any Wise Guys Discount Liquors location to take home a Blockhead Beerworks beer of your choice.

This partnership between the two businesses came to be after the owner of Blockhead Beerworks, Cory Muro, approached the Wise Guys Valparaiso location with inquiries about stocking their beers. They were ecstatic to take on this opportunity, as the exclusivity is very positive and benefits both businesses while also supporting local Valparaiso small businesses.

There is an array of different beers that are made by and rotate at Blockhead Beerworks, such as sours, wheat beers, hazy IPAs, lagers, and more. Certain flavors are only seasonal, but almost anyone can find something they like when choosing from the Blockhead Beerworks selection as they always have such a wide range of flavors in stock. The company being versatile with their products is something that caught the attention of the staff at Wise Guys. 

“Everything they pump out sells well at Wise Guys," said Nicole Doeing, store manager at Wise Guys’ Chesterton location.

Doeing personally enjoys their Tropical Creamsicle Sour, which is a fruited sour ale with mango, orange, pineapple, vanilla, and lactose. It is described as crushable, sweet, and not too sour. It is a perfect beer for the summer since it tastes very similar to a Dreamsicle.

Blockhead Beerworks sets itself apart from other breweries in the industry in many ways, including their staff and great selections. 

“What makes Blockhead different to me is Cory and the people that work there. You know, the owner and employees are just very personable. They are great people, friendly, and are easy to get along and work with. I think that is what sets them apart; the relationship that we have with them is a good one based off all of that,” Doeing said.

Some of the current Blockhead beers that are available this season at Wise Guys are Blood Orange Wheat, Half Day Friend, Last Pilot APA, Raspberry Lemonade Sour, Shaolin Shake Down, and Shinobi Lager. 

Stop into any of the Wise Guys Discount Liquors locations in Valparaiso, Chesterton, Hobart, or Merrillville to bring home a Blockhead Beerworks beer today!

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