GreatNews.Life launches weekly show, podcast

GreatNews.Life launches weekly show, podcast

Northwest Indiana - It is even easier to get your weekly recap of positive news across the Northwest Indiana region as host Jenny Craig-Brown brings Great News Weekly to the podcast realm. The show, which airs weekly as a Facebook live broadcast at Noon CST on Wednesdays on the NWI.Life Facebook page, is now simulcast to Spotify & Apple Podcasts!

“The premise is simple. Great news matters,” said Craig-Brown, Executive Team Leader at GreatNews.Life.

The organization is the Region’s fastest-growing multimedia news agency with a mission to deliver exclusively positive news across all four websites and corresponding social channels.

“Great News Weekly is where you will find a short, candid, quirky recap of the uplifting news happening all across Northwest Indiana. I love to recap the poignant, heartfelt stories of individuals, businesses, the arts, schools, organization, and more.”

GreatNews.Life has seen a surge in social engagement and interest as communities across the region seek an outlet for positive stories to help balance their consumption of news as a whole.

“Now, more than ever, negative news on a repeated basis is affecting us all. We are fortunate to be able to deliver news that keeps our readers and followers informed, but also fulfills the promise that we are all positive, all the time. When people come to our pages, they know they can count on reading happy news, and informative pieces that showcase the best of what the communities of Northwest Indiana have to offer.”

Craig-Brown invites those tuning in to send her their “lifelines”- short, positive nuggets of news that get them through the day. It can be a positive experience, something that made you smile or just shouting out the good that you see around you.

“I love to close the show by reading lifelines from readers and followers. It’s a great reminder for me that that people everywhere are noticing, sharing, and happy to engage with the good that is happening at home, at work, or in the community.”

To have your lifeline considered for mentioning, email with Lifeline in the subject field.

GreatNews.Life was founded in 2009 by Chris Mahlmann and has since grown to four community-based sites and corresponding social networks: Valpo.LifeNWI.LifePortage.Life and LaPorteCounty.Life. The Lifesites are all based on the premise that, given the opportunity, people choose to be informed about the positive happenings in and around their communities. The sites, powered by business partners and organizations, are specially designed for all who share the common understanding that engaging with great news, repeatedly, makes us better people.

GreatNews.Life looks forward to launching another podcast series soon related to a cherished event the organization holds every year. More details coming on that this spring.