Greek Day at Thomas Jefferson Middle School

By: Thomas Jefferson Middle School Last Updated: November 19, 2010

Nous igeiis en somati igeii” or “A sound mind in a sound body” was the motto that the Ancient Greeks sought to live by. The 6th grade Social Studies classes, along with the Language Arts classes, have tried to recapture this motto over the last four weeks at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. As a culminating activity, each homeroom was assigned a Greek city-state and a team color. Eight Olympic Pentathlon Events were reenacted Friday afternoon in TJ’s Field House. The eight events were Battle of Salamis using scooters and plungers, Shot Put using basketballs and oven mitts, Javelin Throw using pool noodles, Discus using pizza trays, the Triple Jump, the Trojan War (aka Dodge Ball), Dionysus Stomp using balloons, and the Marathon Relay handing off scrolls. Scores were tallied and homeroom winners will be announced Monday morning. This was an event that the sixth graders are sure to remember!