Grown Ups Can Have Birthdays at Zao Island, Too!

Grown Ups Can Have Birthdays at Zao Island, Too!

For most 49th birthday parties, maybe you’ll go out and have a nice quiet dinner. Maybe you’ll go fishing and catch a movie. Or you could play laser tag, mini golf, go karts, and enjoy some pizza!

For our Publisher Chris Mahlmann’s birthday, we took him about to Zao Island for an early Friday birthday bash. A few employees and friends came out to enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon to partake in the many activities offered at Zao for kids of all ages.

“I had a blast! I love the laser tag at Zao. Everytime I come here I love the competition. It's a real team-building exercise," explained Jenny Craig-Brown, who organized the birthday with Zao in mind.

The party was exactly what Zao Island was looking to showcase in offering a number of new games and activities throughout the park.

"One of our main goals at Zao was to create a fun environment for people of all ages. I know we have achieved that because I see customers of all age group having fun at the attractions, enjoying the great food, and ultimately walking away happy,” explained General Manager Ryan Wright. “Stop by Zao and try all our new stuff to see if you agree."

The improved game quality is another reason Wright sees more adults having fun at Zao.

“I have watched adults in the game room go from playing a few more traditional games like basketball or target practice to start playing Down the Clown, the racing games, the cranes and the other hits,” explained Wright.

We loved it - anytime you can mix go-karts, pizza, and laser tag, it makes for a great Friday.

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