Habitat for Humanity of Porter County Builds Forste Family House of Dreams

Habitat for Humanity of Porter County Builds Forste Family House of Dreams

On August 11, Habitat for Humanity of Porter County invited the community to their dedication of the Forste family's new home in Hebron.

Habitat for Humanity of Porter County’s mission is to build cost-effective housing in Porter County, Indiana to strengthen the community. The Forste family of 10 are getting a brand new home to both live in and own.

"There are people that need a home," said Bernie Hohner, Project Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. "We build a home that they can never afford on their own."

This is the largest ranch house that Habitat for Humanity of Porter County has ever been built. It's a six-bedroom, three-bathroom house with a large kitchen and a basement. The whole community chipped in to help. Partner families, financial donors, and volunteers gave their time and sweat to support the Forste family. The paint and other materials were donated by Habitat and volunteer organizations.

Finishing building the house proved to be a lot of hard work. Jonah Besch, President of the Board, reflected on the experience.

"It was incredible to help this family—it's the biggest household that we've ever built," said Besch. "The kids are fantastic; it’s kind of like the Brady Bunch. The parents are very hardworking. We're so happy to help them with their path to homeownership."

Volunteers from the community lent a helping hand by laying down the cement, constructing the walls, and building the house. The volunteers took pride in helping a family's dream come true.

"Each day, you get to see your progress and know you're helping other people," said John Schopp, Senior Carpenter Volunteer. "It's a team effort, and it's neat to see the community come together to help this family."

When the Forste family saw the unveiling of their new home, they were overjoyed. The children kept smiling, eager to claim their rooms while playing hide and seek. The parents were happy to receive a fresh start.

Jacob Forste, the father of the bunch, was originally a volunteer carpenter for building houses for families in need. He was thrilled to have a place for his family to grow.

"It's a big step—my family is so excited they’re bouncing off the walls," Forste said. "This house helps us in a lot of ways, there is a lot that was done for us."

The dedication was one that held both faith and hope for the Forste family. A candle was lit as a sign of protection, guidance, and spirituality. The family now has both the beginning and the self-reliance they've longed for. The Forste future looks bright.

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