Halloween Night Live promises spooky, educational fun at Memorial Opera House

Halloween Night Live promises spooky, educational fun at Memorial Opera House

On October 29, Memorial Opera House (MOH) is fusing two great passions: kids’ love for Halloween and the MOH love for entertaining families and friends. Halloween Night Live will feature fun, spooky performances by children in the LimeLights youth theatre program, promising to be witch—I mean, pitch perfect.

Organized by Bobbie Sue Kvachkoff, Director of Education for MOH’s LimeLights program, and Deborah Haddad, the course instructor and director for the event, Halloween Night Live incorporates music, dance, comedy, and more.

“In the spirit of theatre, each scene showcases different types of performance, including dance, singing, acting, and even rap,” said Scot MacDonald, Executive Director of Memorial Opera House. “Deb has curated a skit show celebrating Halloween fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing all our ghouls and goblins on stage.”

Of course, plenty of people of all age ranges have an affinity for Halloween and entertainment, too. They’re in luck: admission to Halloween Night Live is free, but donations are encouraged

MacDonald said all donations will benefit the LimeLights Scholarship Fund. Recognizing that students approach the program from different financial situations, MOH aims to sponsor 10 children in their 2019 Fall-Winter semester. Heading into 2020 they are prepared to sponsor 20 children for the entire year. 

Many children (and their parents) enjoy the program so much that they remain involved for many seasons. Halloween Night Live marks the fifth performance for young Ella Micka with LimeLights. She and her cousin do a little bit of everything in the show.

“We dance and sing and play in skits,” Micka said. “My favorite part is probably the dancing.”

Micka said she’s looking forward to her family seeing her perform as a Jabberwocky, a creature from the imagination of Lewis Caroll, in one of the skits. She has this writer’s interest piqued!

Kvachkoff said Halloween Night Live offers many such creative opportunities to the multitude of growing actors, designers, singers, musicians, stage managers, and artists in the LimeLights program.

"As the Director of Education, my goal is to create diverse semesters and find a variety of instructors that I know can breathe even more life into the program,” Kvachkoff said. “Deborah Haddad is our director for this particular event, and her vision has blown me away from the beginning. She made it a priority to create as many opportunities for her students as she could fit into one performance. The kids love it and I can't wait to share it with the community."

The curtain rises at 5:30 p.m. for Halloween Night Live. Be there, or be scared! Memorial Opera House is located at 104 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso.

The LimeLights program has grown to be a sought-after, inclusive atmosphere that focuses on the education, confidence, and creative growth of area youth through interactive theatrical experiences. Halloween Night Live is just one example. For more information on the many courses, performances, and opportunities for involvement, visit https://www.memorialoperahouse.com/184/Youth-Theatre