Happy Mothers Day from Steiner Homes

By: Steiner Homes Last Updated: May 14, 2012

I did it again: I made the age old mistake letting my wife choose what she wanted to do for mother’s day. Some years I can outsmart her- making her think some Pandora beads or a new Dooney & Burke is REALLY the best I can do. As it turns out, when someone sticks by your side for thirty-four years, you realize that you would go to the moon and back for them.

So as my wife mentions walking through some Steiner Homes for her special day, I have no choice but to comply. Walking behind her as she ogles over the standard features- handmade columns, stone exteriors, and the wide poured concrete driveway to name a few- I realize this isn’t nearly as outrageous as I had been anticipating. A seed is planted and an idea grows to excitement. I could actually do this for her.

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What better way to show her that I love her than giving her a home to love? What better way to tell her she’s beautiful than giving her a beautiful home? What better way to protect her than giving her the safety of a Steiner Home? What better way to make her happy than offering her affordable elegance?

Happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful women who deserve the very best!