Harley-Davidson’s Heather Mahlum: Service, family, and patience

Harley-Davidson’s Heather Mahlum: Service, family, and patience

A crafter, a mother, a new grandmother, and a service writer – meet Heather Mahlum of Harley-Davidson of Michigan City. 

“I kind of feel like I’ve been working here for years,” she said.

However, Mahlum started her service writing position just this past July. Previously, Mahlum worked at an Illinois Harley-Davidson dealership, but she made the switch this summer. 

“The transition from Illinois to Indiana has been really wonderful," she said.

Even though she has recently made the move, her loyal Illinois customers are planning to follow suit.

“I’ve had customers hunt me down and find where I’m at. They’re looking at following me and coming to Michigan City. It’s nice to have my customer base,” Mahlum said.

Mahlum has been working with customers of various companies for years. She could even say for all of her working years. 

“It’s a lot of customer service for sure,” Mahlum said. “I’ve been doing customer service for pretty much my whole life.”

It's a skill that she is glad to have learned in a multitude of ways.

“I really feel that in any industry, if you don’t have good customer service, you’re not going to get anywhere,” Mahlum said. 

At Harley-Davidson of Michigan City, she employs these same skills she’s gathered to work with customers over the phone and face-to-face to figure out what service is needed for their Harley bikes. 

“Are they adding a new part? Upgrades? Accessories or repairs?” Mahlum said.

Alongside working with customers, Mahlum schedules technicians, gets estimates, collects payments, and works with insurance companies for riders. She also manages warranties and repair plans. 

Mahlum has described her experience at Harley-Davidson of Michigan City since July as very supportive.

“They're great people to work with here,” she said. “From Jeff Haggerty on down, they're all such great people to work with.”

Outside of the dealership, Mahlum likes to take up her handful of hobbies which include crafting, painting, and using her Cricut. 

Family also plays a big role in Mahlum’s home life. 

“I like spending time with the kids and the family,” she said, including time spent with her first grandchild. 

When it comes to advice for fellow readers, Mahlum wanted the audience to note two things: humbleness and patience. 

“Strive for patience because that will allow you to handle any situation whether it be something at home or something at work,” Mahlum explained. “Patience and humbleness are key.”

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