Have an Emergency? Go Find FRED!

banner-fredIn an emergency, having access to the care that you need right away is very important. Sometimes you just cannot wait. So what should you do? Become familiar with FRED.

Who is FRED? Not who, but what. FRED is the region’s only FRee-standing Emergency Department. Get the acronym?

FRED is located at the Franciscan St. Anthony Health Chesterton Health and Emergency Center in Chesterton, Indiana. It’s a full-service facility that allows easy and fast access to emergency care and it is open 24/7/365. FRED is very pleasant to look at with large windows and a modern design. This makes the environment more comfortable for the patients who enter.

Those who use FRED can expect shorter wait times, 24/7 lab and imaging services on-site, EMS to transport patients in need of higher care to other facilities, private emergency department bays, and access to the Center of Hope – helping victims of sexual assault and rape.

You can expect to find state-of-the-art features at FRED:

  1. LEED-certification – third party verification that the facility was strategically built with the idea of providing top medical care
  2. A Community Room that can be used for various activities and meetings
  3. Medical offices for family practices, orthopedic services, and obstetric services
  4. Great parking and 24-hour security
  5. Room to expand so FRED can grow with the community

To get more specific into what sort of diagnostic services FRED offers, one will find that the facility has quite a few sophisticated services that help to meet the needs of many who enter its doors. Lab services, ultrasound equipment, EKG, CT scanning equipment, open MRI, digital mammography, direct capture technology, and picture archive communication systems are used by well-trained staff within the facility.

For more information on the FRee-standing Emergency Department call 219-921-2000. To schedule an appointment call 219-877-1493.