Have Water Heater Woes? Hines Plumbing Has Solutions!

Have Water Heater Woes? Hines Plumbing Has Solutions!

If you’re a homeowner, you know the frustrations that can accrue from an improperly maintained water heater and how painful those issues can be on the wallet and your home life in general when something really goes wrong. The best way to avoid catastrophic failures in your water heater is to stay connected with what experts in the field are saying about proper maintenance; that’s where Hines Plumbing comes in. When it comes to expertise on maintaining a water heater, Hines has many years of collective expertise in the field and have seen it all. Everything from a bad smell to carbon monoxide build-up and improper connections are all things Hines trains their employees to recognize and maintain when servicing your water heater. This dedication to excellence assures that the headache and hassle are out of your hands and you can rest easy knowing your equipment can last many more years.

Here, Hines Plumbing answers your inquiries and gives you the low down on how to save money in the long run by maintaining your water heater: 

Hines-Plumbing-Revised-2Reasons why you should do regular maintenance on your water heater:

  1. Safety first. Ensure that the vent is up to code and installed correctly so carbon monoxide doesn’t build up in the home.
  2. Longer life of water heater - water heater can eventually rot out from the inside out and leak.
  3. Better efficiency (picture the flames on the burner trying to heat the water through the deposits.)
  4. Rotten egg smell? There is couple different ways that we can address this very common smell.
  5. Gas connections - several homeowners and unqualified/unlicensed plumbers connect gas lines incorrectly all the time.

Hines-Plumbing-Revised-3Be safe and save money with Hines Plumbing’s 6-month water heater & maintenance check-up plan:

  1. Check water heater for any safety issues
  2. Drain water heater and flush
  3. Check vent piping
  4. Check gas connection for leaks and proper piping
  5. Check magnesium rod and dip tube
  6. Check burner assembly / gas valve
  7. Check all controls (all applies for on-demand water heaters as well)


In the case that you don't have a traditional tank-type water heater, chances are you have an "on-demand water heater" or a "point-of-use water heater." These types of heaters actually need attention more than tank-type heaters.

Learn more about Hines Plumbing or call for more information about water heater maintenance and other services they provide here or call 219-464-8938