Heart Warming Stories on a Cold Winter Day

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: February 2, 2011

We have started to hear some cool stories of good things that come out of challenging storms like the one this wee - neighbors helping neighbors shovel the driveway, folks checking in on parents, workers out all day and night helping to protect and care for people.

What story have you heard or you experienced that warmed your heart?

You can post them to our Facebook page or send them to us at contribute@valpolife.com!

Thank you to all the neighbors that dig out the people that can't!
Wonderful good deeds are being done! Best part of living iin Valpo!
- Pat Ingram

Our neighbor Mike and a friend shoveled and snow blowed our driveway. We had made a small dent in it earlier in the morning. However, their assistance was very much appreciated. Thank God for good neighbors.
- Leanne Hoagland Smith

Thanks to everyone out there working and helping through this storm
- Kathleen Milianta Hoge

I really appreciate ALL of the outside workers ...esp on a day like today!
- Jamie Koenig Rau

Our neighbor Kale, owner of The Grounds Specialists, is amazing. He has done our driveway & others, as well as our road more times than I can count in the last 24 hours!
- Amanda Hojnacki Wyatt

Our neighbor snow blowed our driveway, as well. GREAT NEIGHBORS!!
- Kelly Swart

Our neighbors cleared our driveway too, I have been so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome neighbors!
- Kathleen Sellers