Heinold & Feller Hosts a Successful Women’s Day

Heinold & Feller held its 3rd Annual Women's Day event on Monday October 22, 2012. The purpose of Women's Day was to educate and empower women about car maintenance and engine health.

Many women came out to educate themselves and have some fun while learning about their cars. Ashley Stymiest, a local college student at Ivy Tech was at the event.

“I came out because my mom [Sue Stymiest] told me about it and thought it would be a good idea for me to learn more about things I don’t know about my car,” said Stymiest.

Joe Feller, President of Heinold and Feller Tire and Lawn Equipment, said that he decided to host this annual event about five years ago when he hosted a similar one with the Northwest Indiana Women’s Center.

Feller said, “There were mostly young women and single moms in attendance just trying to get ahead and they didn’t really know much about their cars. They had good questions -really good questions for us and it made us realize there was a need for this kind of event.”

Petra Cox and Rachel Feller greeted guests by handing out raffle tickets for the many door prizes donated by local venders that were also in attendance.

Vendors included: Erica D. Cook -Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay, Karen Wilson -Home Décor Consultant with Indiana Furniture, Kayla Reedy -Isabella Boutique, Terry Abner joined by Krystal Termini and Caroline Conner -Terry Abner Salon, Jay Courtney Shacklee -Consultant and Wendy Forgus and Melinda Everaert -What About Wendy and Bohemian Street.

Mike Rubacha, Adam West, Greg Fiedler, Aron Cox and Ken Beville were among the Heinold and Feller employees that worked directly with small groups of participants discussing a number of topics. The guests learned about an engine’s various fluids, potential problems that crop up under the hood, tire and brake maintenance, and more.

Some helpful tips taught were: Always check your oil when the car is cold; the most common wear problem in the front suspension is the ball joints; use a penny to check the tread on your tires and ask yourself, “Do I see any part of Abe Lincoln’s hair?” If you do, then you probably need new tires; the most important part on your lawn mower is the air filter.

The Porter County Cancer Society was in attendance, too. They were educating women on breast self- exams and handing out guides on how to reduce the risk of cancer. During the month of October for every premium oil change at Heinold & Feller, $10.00 will be donated to the Porter County Cancer Society.

“The Porter County Cancer Society has been around since 1965. The month of October focuses on Breast Cancer, and here at the Porter County Cancer Society we help Porter County residents dealing with all types of cancer for people of all ages,” explained Porter County Cancer Society President Monique Herron.

“[The Heinold and Feller Women’s Day] event allows us to become friends on more than just a business level," Feller explained. "We want to make sure our customers understand what we do and that they can trust what we say to be true.”

Women’s Day was a success. The ladies all over the area will agree with me when I say that we are grateful for a business that will take the time to explain and help anyone learn something new.

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