Help Feed Hope in NWI

food-bank-nwi-logoIn 1982, the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana was founded. And ever since it has been providing millions of pounds of food to families and individuals in Northwest Indiana. It has been a source of help and hope to those in need around the region.

The Food Bank is USDA approved, it is an affiliate with Feeding America (the nation's biggest food bank), and it is the primary distributor for local pantries, shelters, day care centers, and soup kitchens.

The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana's mission is to provide nutritional support to those in need of hunger relief through its network of 100 community agencies across Lake and Porter Counties–with the ongoing focus of ending hunger and helping individuals in our community move towards self-sufficiency.

"People seem to think that there is a time time frame for hunger. The face of hunger changes every day. You see it in your friends, neighbors, coworkers. It could be some life event where your ability to purchase food changes. It's so important for people to know that face of hunger is an ongoing epidemic. Having places like the food bank and pantries help to bridge the gap,"Arleen Peterson, Executive Director for the Food Bank of NWI said.

The generosity of the community helps to keep the Food Bank going. They rely on food and financial donations from individuals, organizations, and corporations around the area. Listen To Your Mother has made the Food Bank of NWI their 2014 cause, and they need your help!

"We are so proud and thankful for the facility that we have in NWI. We currently are operating inefficiently and we need more space. Our current facility doesn't have the kind of capacity needed to hold enough food. In NWI there are 108 people considered food insecure. We will have to put out 18 million lbs of food. A larger facility will help us get the food out the door and we will be able to get more nutritious food, and that can be expensive," Peterson explained.

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"Listen to Your Mother is an incredible program and voice in the community to get people to hear from mothers and the knowledge that they have. We have mother's working in out facilities and volunteering with us. The whole issue of hunger is very much a part of a mother's story of how do I cake care of my self before my child is born and then take care of him or her after birth," Peterson said. "It means a lot for us to partner with them because they are the key message of stories of struggle and hope. It is important to have that voice for us. We are thankful to be part of this."

The night of the show, Listen To Your Mother will give 10% of their ticket proceeds and to help raise awareness for the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana. There will also be a food drive that same night so please bring a nonperishable food item and look for the donation drop that will be located in the lobby.

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