Hilltop’s Childcare Scholarships for Working Families Program Helps Families in Porter County for 20 Years

Hilltop-20-Years-of-ScholarshipsDid you know that currently 70% of the families who attend Hilltop, and 100% of the families who attend Walt's Place receive scholarships to help them achieve or maintain their own financial stability by keeping parents working or going to school?

For 20 years Hilltop's Childcare Scholarships for Working Families Program has been helping the families in Porter County better themselves and the community in which they live.

High prices can make it very difficult for low-income families to access reliable childcare, particularly in formal settings. The average annual price of full-time care for an infant in a childcare is $5,900 in Indiana, that is about 35 percent of annual full-time minimum-wage earnings. This doesn’t leave the parent or caregiver much left to live on for other things without further assistance.

For lower-income parents, financial access to high-quality programs can be difficult or impossible without assistance but becomes far more attainable with assistance.

A recent study confirmed that parents receiving childcare assistance can access better quality care than comparable parents who were unable to get help. Earlier studies of families on waiting lists for childcare assistance have shown that families without access to assistance are often left with low-quality or unsafe options for their children's care. Childcare assistance also supports children’s development by promoting stability in care arrangements, which is an important aspect of quality, particularly for young children.

Hilltop's Childcare Scholarship Program provides full-time, year round childcare to children 0-5 years. Their registered ministry program is the only one in Porter County and one of only three registered ministries in Northwest Indiana to completed both the VCP (Voluntary Certification Program) and Path’s to Quality program. Currently 70% of Hilltop's children are from low income households and receive scholarships to attend childcare. And 100% at Walt's Place for school aged care.

Many of Hilltop families are working two jobs each. They are one paycheck away from needing state or federal financial services just to survive. Often Hilltop families are forced to leave their children in childcare programs based on what they can afford and not what they desire or need. Hilltop provides not only affordable childcare program, but top quality as well. Hilltop's goals on this complex issue are simple, help each family achieve a better and financially stable life, and allow the caregiver to work or go to school so they can do this. All while making sure the child is in top quality early childhood program that has proven success. For more information about Hilltop's scholarships or to make a donation visit www.hilltophouse.org or call 219-477-4222 and ask for Amy or Rosa.