Hines Plumbing Employee Spotlight: Matt Yankauskas

Hines-Matt-2017The employees at Hines Plumbing are busy folks, with a variety of responsibilities that range from plumbing repairs and installs to entire bathroom remodels. So, when Matt Yankauskas isn’t busy at work renovating a bathroom, installing a water heater, or fixing a leaky pipe, he can be found at Rogers-Lakewood Park in Valparaiso unwinding with a game of frisbee golf, sometimes referred to as “frolf,” or disc golf.

“My dad took me out to play it one day and it just kind of caught on. It’s an exciting game, and it’s fun,” Yankauskas said of his unexpected introduction to the sport.

Like regular golf, the game is often played on a course with between 9 and 18 holes, and involves a player, standing by a tee, throwing the frisbee towards an elevated target. Like golf, it also has pars and players throw the frisbee towards the basket from wherever it lands. A hole is only complete when the disc lands in the basket or on the chains.

“Rogers-Lakewood has the third hardest course in Indiana, believe it or not. It’s challenging, and it’s a cool way to stay active. I’ve even taken Jack [Hines] out there once before,” said Yankauskas, though he did not say who won that particular match.

Unwinding together after work isn’t uncommon for the staff at Hines Plumbing and is something that makes the tight-knit team at Hines the unique and dedicated group that they are.

“We hang out sometimes and we’ll chill out by Jack’s pool or go out to dinner and get some drinks or get a team breakfast before work and talk about what we have going on and what we need to do,” said Yankauskas.

This work culture is one that is cultivated by Hines, who wants to create the right kind of atmosphere to encourage happy employees and transfer that into happy customer experiences.

“It’s professional [at Hines] but it’s also a little laid back. We know when we have to be professional and we know how to have a good time and enjoy life and laugh. We love doing our job. It’s something new every day and you can step back and look at what you’ve accomplished and appreciate it and feel pride in your work,” said Yankauskas about what makes working for Hines Plumbing so unique and fulfilling.

Rogers-Lakewood-Park-MapWhether it’s out on the frolf course or at work, Yankauskas embodies the Hines ethic of enjoying both life and work to their fullest.

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