History of Health, Balance and Hope Part 1

Porter-Starke-History 1Porter-Starke Services has a rich history in Porter County and since 1975, Porter-Starke Services has been a leader and advocate for behavioral healthcare.

Over the years, much has changed around Porter-Starke whether it's in the local communities, in the mental and behavioral health fields, and how we all think about and approach the importance of mental wellness in our daily lives.

The way was paved for Porter-Starke in 1953 when the Mental Health Association of Porter County was established. it provided the needed funds for the first Porter-Starke facility to be built. Around that time, Mental Health America sent out a call to asylums across America to send their old, broken, and discarded chains and shackles to the organization. The metal was melted down and cast into what is now the Mental Health Bell.

This bell serves as a national symbol for the mental health movement. The bell can be seen at the NMHA's Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

On the bell there is an inscription: "Cast from the shackles which bound them, this Bell shall ring out for the mentally ill and victory over Mental Illness."

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