Holiday Savings Tips from Horizon Bank

By: Horizon Bank Last Updated: November 5, 2012

HorizonHolidaySavings1It’s almost that time of year where cheer is flowing and checks are bouncing. As a reminder, don’t forget to plan for the holiday season.

Did you know consumers are expected to spend almost $750 on gifts and decorations this year? Decor purchases alone could account for a total of $6.9 billion spent.

According to a survey of almost 9,000 shoppers, 22.1 percent said they will begin holiday shopping in October, up from 20.3 percent last year.

Shoppers also plan to spend around $140 on themselves — a particularly popular trend among 18-24 year olds.

Another survey reported that 76 percent of gift-giving adults planned to give electronics as gifts this year. Comparison shopping will likely be bigger than ever as more people turn to websites and social media for ideas, reviews and recommendations. It’s suggested that half of all shoppers will use online resources for purchase or research this holiday season.

Some of the more popular gifts for the 2012 shopping season:

  • Tablets ($199 to $499+,Kindle Fire and Apple iPad)
  • DVDs (Hunger Games, The Dark Knight Rises)
  • DIY Gifts (inspired by Pinterest, 3D printers)

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