Holladay Properties prepares for Spring

Holladay Properties prepares for Spring

From leaf removal to planting flowers, the property management team at Holladay Properties is prepping for Spring. The highly skilled team is hard at work fertilizing lawns, mulching, and performing other seasonal landscaping activities. Doug Walls and his crew of experienced workers strive to create and maintain landscapes that offer beautiful curb appeal.

With more than 60 years of experience in real estate, Holladay Properties has a clear vision for their property management team, who care for multiple properties including Starbucks, Pepsi, and Franciscan Alliance.

“Holladay puts a strong emphasis on maintenance and landscaping because after the building is built, we still want the customer to be happy,” Walls said. “We don’t just build the structure—we want the outside to have a great curb appeal.”

The extra work isn’t for beautification alone, though. When a property is well-maintained, it can increase a tenant’s satisfaction, which is beneficial to their bottom line. It also helps to create a safe and efficient environment.

Holladay Properties understands and respects the delicate balance between keeping the building owner satisfied and meeting the needs of tenants. The team strives to provide services aimed at increasing tenant satisfaction, which increases tenant retention and enhances the property’s return on investment while improving profitability for the building owner.

With a priority on clients, Walls and his crew collaborate with the property owners and renters to landscape and plant what the client would like. When there are no specifications, pink petunias are the flower of choice, as they create a stunning visual and excellent curb appeal. Walls said his favorite landscape projects are the ones accompanying Holladay’s many hotels and apartment buildings.

“I take pride in all Holladay properties, but I especially like the hotels and apartment buildings because they tend to have more people outside enjoying the landscaping,“ Walls said.

If you are looking for an unparalleled property management team to handle your needs this spring, look no further. Read about Holladay Properties’ many different services here.