Home Builders of NWI’s Inaugural SHAREity Raffle Unites Area Nonprofits

Home Builders of NWI’s Inaugural SHAREity Raffle Unites Area Nonprofits
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: January 12, 2019

For the first time ever, citizens of Northwest Indiana have a chance to positively impact five area nonprofits in one grand gesture—and possibly win a pretty sweet prize in the process.

The Home Builders Association of NWI’s inaugural SHAREity Raffle offers participants the opportunity to win $250,000 toward a new home or $150,000 in cash. In addition, there are 8 other cash prize opportunities for those who aren’t drawn for the lucky first prize slot. The best part about this already amazing raffle, though? All proceeds go toward Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana, Opportunity Enterprises, Housing Opportunities, and St. Jude House.

“The Home Builders Association of NWI is very excited to be a part of organizing the largest group of local charities to date for the common benefit of their members in the Northwest Indiana communities,” said Randy Hall, HBA Board President.

“It’s a great fit for the Home Builders Association, as it relates to a housing raffle with an extraordinarily high chance to win the top prize,” Hall continued. “We expect this to be a staple in the community going forward. This effort represents the Builders Association’s new outlook to actively enhance and participate in the community.”

Leaders of the participating nonprofits all echoed the same sentiments: excitement to take part in this impressive fundraising venture and to work with other meaningful nonprofit organizations for a shared goal.

“We are really excited to be joining with all the nonprofits that are a part of this raffle,” said Lisa Franko, Development Officer of Housing Opportunities. “Plus, we’re excited to be partnering with HBA and to usher in this event for the first time ever.”

Franko said the chance for people to give back to the Region was just as thrilling as the chance to receive such noteworthy prizes.

“This raffle is going to impact so many people all over Northwest Indiana,” she said. “When people buy a raffle ticket, they need to know that they’re helping someone in their own community, and that’s huge. Whether that money goes toward resolving and preventing homelessness, or enriching kids’ lives through the Boys & Girls Clubs, or supporting any of these other organizations, it will allow us to help share the wealth with the people in the community who need it the most.”

Ryan Elinkowski, Executive Director of St. Jude House, and Val Lay, Director of Development for St. Jude House, said that the funds will be crucial in furthering their operation costs and mission. As the largest domestic violence shelter in the Region, they hope to increase their 30-bed space to 42 beds in 2019.

“The SHAREity Raffle also presents us with a great chance to work with other important nonprofits in Northwest Indiana and to help build momentum for the raffle and the drawing itself,” Lay said. “We’re very familiar with and proud to be recognized with these other charities, and the support from HBA has been fantastic.”

“We’re also excited about the kickoff date for this raffle, which is January 26,” Elinkowski said. “St. Jude House will be hosting our event at First United Methodist Church, and I know that every other organization is also kicking off this very special day with an event of their own.”

The launch event presents a very special opportunity for participants to buy one ticket, get one free. Each raffle ticket costs $125; on January 26 only, participants can get two tickets for that price and boost their chances to win. Only 200 tickets are available at each location on that day, so get in line early! (See locations at bottom.)

“The exciting thing for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana isn’t necessarily just about the funds we’re going to raise—it’s really about the awareness that’s coming from such a tremendous event,” said Buffy Adams, Director of Development and Marketing for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana.

“I mean, wrap your head around the fact that somebody’s going to buy a raffle ticket for $125, and they have the chance to win a new house or $150,000,” Adams continued. “That’s just amazing, and that’s a gift for us to be a part of. We are thankful to HBA for including us, and we’re excited to be here with so many premiere nonprofits of Northwest Indiana.”

“It’s a win-win for us to be working together,” said Amy Blaker, Development Director of Habitat for Humanity of NWI. “There are so many notable nonprofit organizations in Northwest Indiana, and we’re humbled to be one of the ones involved in this campaign.”

Kacie Ensign, Development Director of Opportunity Enterprises, voiced another benefit of the SHAREity Raffle: the bridging of two counties.

“We’re thrilled that SHAREity is including Porter County and Lake County as one,” Ensign said. “Many of us serve people in both counties, so it’s great to be able to join together as one community.”

Ensign emphasized how significant it is that this is an inaugural event leading to an annual tradition.

“The Home Builders Association of NWI approached Opportunity Enterprises about this opportunity this past summer, so they’ve been planning this big collaboration for some time,” she said. “The larger nonprofits in the area, we have so much respect for each other—it’s fun to be able to work together on a mutual project which is then going to benefit all of us individually. This is probably the first time we’ve done a combined nonprofit effort with a single fundraising strategy.”

This is your call to action! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. SHAREity officially launches on January 26, and on that day tickets are Buy One, Get One Free. Visit https://shareityraffle.com/ for more information.

BOGO Locations:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater NWI – Southlake Mall, Center Court, 2109 Southlake Mall, Merrillville, IN 46410
  • Housing Opportunities – Office, 2001 Calumet Ave, Valparaiso, IN 46383
  • St. Jude House – First United Methodist Church, 352 S Main St., Crown Point, IN 46307
  • Habitat for Humanity of NWI – ReStore, 3823 E. Lincolnway Highway, Merrillville, IN 46410
  • Opportunity Enterprises – Simply Amazing Market/Valparaiso Meijer, 405 Porters Vale Blvd., Valparaiso, IN 46383