Horizon Bank Announces New Loan Programs for Medical, Dental, and Manufacturing Industries

Horizon Bank Announces New Loan Programs for Medical, Dental, and Manufacturing Industries

When it comes to local business, Horizon Bank knows that the specialized service of a local bank is an invaluable asset. To help recognize and meet these varied needs, Bill Gertner, Assistant Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer, and his team have developed two loan programs designed with the manufacturing and medical/dental industries in mind.

“A lot of people know what their dreams are, they just don’t know what the steps in reality are going to be [to achieve them],” Gertner said. “If we’re not willing to help our own community prosper and grow, then who will?”

The programs are some of the most advanced and comprehensive of their time. Both offer up to 100 percent financing solutions for the industries’ most common needs and the service received is entirely local. This ensures that personalized service will be provided on a daily basis and that any and all problems will be handled by Gertner himself.

“It starts with a conversation,” Gertner said. “If there’s ever an issue, you can call me and we will deal with it face to face. That specialized service is something that you’re not going to find at other places. That’s really important.”

The Medical & Dental Practice Loan Program was created to address many common needs that Horizon Bank has noticed over the last couple of years, including solutions for new equipment, working capital, real estate, and leasehold improvements. The biggest need they have noticed, however, stems from the financial challenges medical and dental students face upon graduation. Horizon Bank wanted to offer a solution that could aid in many medical professionals’ primary goal: to own their own practice.

“This loan program provides them the opportunity to take on that acquisition of a practice right away, or [it can] provide them the financing they need when they do have the opportunity to go off on their own,” Gertner said. “This puts them on a level-playing field.”

While this program is certainly attractive for new professionals, it can also help benefit more seasoned doctors and dentists.

“The more experienced medical professionals love this program because it provides them another tool in their toolbox to help transition their practice or take on that partner at some point,” Gertner said.

The Manufacturing Loan Program was designed to address the common need to update with new equipment. With up to 100 percent financing, no closing costs, and flexible interest rates, this limited-time program was created to help businesses preserve capital while still acquiring the most up-to-date technology.

“Typically, what you’ll see is a requirement for 10 to 25 percent down to buy a piece of equipment,” Gertner said. “Some of these companies that make the equipment, their sales reps will offer 100% financing. The difference is their rates are crazy high and they have weird terminology...It’s not really 100% financing. The other thing they’ll do is charge a closing cost. With this program, no closing cost. This really differentiates us from other banks.”

Both programs provide a tailored service that is only possible by the genuine concern of the professionals at Horizon Bank. For the relationship to be mutually beneficial, conversations must be had and trust is of the utmost importance.

“We offer programs like these because we are flexible,” Gertner said. “The hope is by being flexible, we will be able to earn the right to do some other business for our partners. These programs are designed to stimulate conversation and get the word out [so that] we may have more in-depth conversations...We provide a multi-faceted solution to not only the immediate need, but how I can help you going forward.”

With years of being committed to the local community it serves, Horizon Bank is a partner that can benefit any medical, dental, or manufacturing professional. It comes down to advancing, sustaining, and supporting the community and all who strive to make a positive impact each and every day.

“Everybody wants to feel that they have left something to this world,” Gertner said. “I think by creating this relationship and constantly ensuring that we are all on the same page, we can truly help them realize those opportunities.”

Click the following links to learn more about the Medical & Dental Practice and Manufacturing Loan Programs, or contact Bill Gertner at (219) 362-0822 or via email at wgertner@horizonbank.com.