Horizon Bank “Do’s and Don’ts of Retirement Savings”

horizon-bank-dos-and-donts-of-retirement-savingsWe all hear advice from friends and family – the best cure for hiccups, how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs, the new movie to see this weekend. But for important decisions about retirement savings, what we “heard somewhere” might not be the best advice to follow.

Even professional wisdom about retirement savings can seem contradictory. Experts say you should consolidate accounts, yet diversify; plan carefully, but expect things to change. Like so much in life, it’s a matter of balance.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for sensible retirement savings.

Do calculate your retirement needs. It’s an important step in making your plan.

Don’t assume your plans are guaranteed to yield the results expected. Instead of leaving it to chance, review your strategy frequently.

Don’t have only one retirement investment. Diversify to minimize risk and maximize tax advantages.

Do consolidate enough to have a manageable portfolio. Scattered accounts can make it difficult to balance asset allocation.

Do save regular amounts on a continuing basis. It’s the most important part of retirement planning.

Don’t think of retirement savings as an expense, or incur high-interest debt to make extravagant purchases.

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