Horizon Bank Offers Plenty of Financial Options for Consumers

HorizonBankEconomics1aWhen it comes to starting your own business or exploring different financial options, a plethora of options exists through banks and other financial institutions. Taking the step towards larger financial options is a intimidating and sometimes difficult process to tackle by yourself, however with banks like Horizon Bank and commercial lenders like Mike Riehle, having a helping hand is now within the customer’s reach.

Riehle, who has almost 20 years of experience in the financial field understands the apprehension people may have with exploring more financial options. He also understands the role that banks play in order to help individuals navigate through the process and successfully achieve their goals.

“It’s satisfying to be able to work with a customer to achieve their financial goals,” says Riehle. “From building a business to buying land, that’s what I’m here to do. If you’re not taking care of the customer, you’re not doing your job.”

Riehle is also able to help clients receive assistance from the government that they may not be aware of.

“Some of the trends that we have noticed is government lending and in order to help people with that process, we need to jump out on a limb to help someone in that transit stage.”

Riehle also stressed that through the government, loans and financial options can exist that are not always available through banks.

“SBA loans are great in helping individuals get loans as well as businesses that didn’t think they could get financing,” says Riehle. Riehle also explains that in certain situations, the government is more willing to help out where banks may be more hesitant.

“The government can back businesses needing financial assistance that banks may not always be completely comfortable in backing. By just taking the time to look, many more options can be found.”

With plenty of options existing for customers, Riehle takes pride in being able to help customers achieve their financial goals through his assistance and advice.

“It’s nice to see dreams become a reality. The people that I help have a plan and experience, they are wanting to step out on their own. My responsibility is to be upfront and explain situations and opportunities. It’s a big deal to let the customer speak for even just one hour.”