Horizon Bank: Providing Sensible Advice Online Through ‘Financial News & Advice Center’

By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: December 21, 2016

Horizon-Bank-Providing-Sensible-Advice-Online-Through-Financial-News-and-Advice-Center_01As a nationally recognized mid-tier bank, Horizon Bank is a leader in communities that they serve. Their 56 full-service branches stretch throughout Northern and Central Indiana as well as Southwest and Central Michigan, and Horizon’s highest focus is to provide exceptional service and sensible advice in building lifelong relationships with their clients and the communities in which they operate.

To help educate and better serve clients their customers, Horizon Bank’s website features a ‘Financial News & Advice Center’ that is rich with prudent financial information and resources. The sensible advice that Horizon routinely provides to visitors covers a myriad of topics and shines a light on all areas of banking.

Horizon’s ‘Financial News & Advice Center’ touches on topics related to everything from personal banking to business banking, as well as home mortgage, investments & retirements, financial security and cybersecurity.

Horizon-Bank-Providing-Sensible-Advice-Online-Through-Financial-News-and-Advice-Center_02Under one section, titled ‘Your Money,’ Horizon delves into topics like, ‘How to Talk to Your Kids About Money,’ ‘Personal Finance Tips: Creating a Cash Cushion,’ and ‘Budget Creating 101.’ Each article that Horizon Bank provides gives a detailed look at the subject that goes beyond the basics.

For example, in a piece titled, ‘Money Saving Tips for Small Businesses,’ which can be found in the ‘Your Business’ section, Horizon takes a detailed look at several innovative ways in which small businesses could cut costs and boost productivity.

This is just one example of the incredibly valuable resources and information that is available at Horizon Bank’s website. Whether you’re an owner of a business, looking to retire, wanting to stay safe online or simply seeking ways to be more financially secure, Horizon Bank’s ‘Financial News & Advice Center’ can help you reach your goals.

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