Hot Meets Cold Features Coffee and Ice Cream

By: Contributor Last Updated: October 20, 2009

Valpo Velvet Ice Cream is teaming up with Evelyn Bay to serve some packaged products in their store. Valpo Velvet will start selling packaged Qts. and 1/2 Gallon's at Evelyn Bay Coffee Company. For anyone on the "north" side of town, this will be a much closer place to get your Valpo Velvet fix!

To kick it off, Evelyn Bay and Valpo Velvet will have a FREE Tasting Event entitled, "Hot meets Cold," on Oct. 24th from 1-3:00PM.  The goal is to promote both businesses. According to Valpo Velvet, "We hope this takes off so we can 'persuade' Evelyn Bay to put our 3 gallon cans in to hand dip ice cream, as well as sell our packaged goods.  Then we could serve our Northern Valpoians with a complete line of products."  When Valpo Velvet opens it's Shoppe with soups and sandwiches on December 1, they plan on also serving the Evelyn Bay coffee!

Evelyn Bay owner Roger hopes to bring in new business, and hit different markets. Also, to make Valpo aware of the Evelyn Bay location.

Remember, the big kickoff is Saturday, October 24th at Evelyn Bay Coffee Co. from 1-3pm for free samples of Valpo Velvet Ice Cream and Evelyn Bay Coffee. Please stop by with your family. We would love to see you!